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Ghost on the Bed - The Old Kings Head - Chester

Ghost child - Plas Teg North Wales

The Omega and Alpha project - The end and the beginning

An experiment to communicate with a person after there death
by arranging a communication protocol/procedure through technology before they pass away

Electronic Seance

Projects 2014

The technology I have built and use on paranormal investigation

Update october 2013

My Photography - Art Gallery

The technology I have built and use on paranormal investigation

About Paradox Paranormal
Pulsing electrical energy detected at Avebury stone circle and West Kennet long barrow
The Psychic Quest
UFO-Extraterrestrial How it started - Weird 09
Experiments with the harmoniser sound generator at Bryn Celli Ddu Bronze age burial chamber 5-6-2010
Transmitting messages into space - new Extraterrestrial Communication experiments
2010 Solstice at Avebury. - video
Burial Chambers - Places of sound - spirit - healing the past and the future?
Equipment I design build and use on my investigations
Paranormal Investigations

Are there Ghosts in Chester - Have you seen one? -------- Let me know Do you have a personal story or experience?
Paradox Technology at your investigation event - its not enough to read about - you have to be there
A day of Psychokinesis experiments in Chester
Research and devolopment
Innovation and design projects
X-Ski a new concept 'Jet-Ski'
The Tidal Gravity Engine -
Funding needed for a much needed new concept in renewable energy