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A seemingly contradictory statement
that may nonetheless be true.


During 2014 there are several investigations / projects I would like to conduct -

The Omega and Alpha project

Self psychic
To develop PK ability within my self (Psychokinesis - the ability to affect objects with the mind) the objects would be sensors connected to audio and LED display equipment a Sentinel , this would allow an instant visible response (when they occur), importantly any change in an audio tone is more subtle and allow experimentation with the eyes closed.
This could lead to biofeedback, subconscious, self development, if a response occurs although the mechanism may at that time not be fully understood, would allow the user to concentrate to repeat the result, the mechanism of a PK event could be analyzed later.
There are several types of sensor that can be used, to try to detect various energy types - electric field, magnetic field, physical vibration.

And why do this - well if the power of the PK mind can be increased then I believe this will allow other brain functions to perform better - work, play, creativity etc.
It could also help us live life better by the use of a more efficient brain and thinking ability.

The above procedure could be used to find a psychic amongst the general public or to test those who claim to have psychic ability.
The tests would offer volunteers an opportunity to test themselves for PK ability, if successful then I could create a development course using various procedures to improve the ability.
Anyone who can demonstrate PK ability could be invited to join a Paradox Paranormal team.

Extraterrestrial communication experiment

To conduct further light based audio signal transmission and reception into space - using optical transmission and reception technology, to try to make contact with Extraterrestrial intelligences that might use light - not the usual radio wave 'electro-magnetic' energy to communicate.

Paranormal investigations

To complete my goal to talk to a spirit/ghost through EVP technology, a conversation or vocal exchange that indicates an intelligent response.
To capture on video a ghost in motion using various recording and lighting technology.
I now have a vast range of technology to accomplish my mission and I hope 2014 will produce significant results.

To investigate for energy emission at ancient sites.

I have been interested in standing stones, stone circles and burial chambers and would like to investigate further using my technology.
Several years ago I visited Avebury stone circle and west Kennet long barrow in Wiltshire, I took along a Sentinel sensor unit, with it I detected a pulsing electric field at 1-2 hertz.
This was present faintly at some of the stones but stronger at the barrow.
I believe the barrow which is often referred to as a burial chamber was built for a different purpose, I believe the internal layout resembles a musical instrument, it has several 'anti-chambers' along the now shortened passage.
I speculate that at the time of its use sound based rituals - humming, drumming, singing and chanting would have created sound based energy as part of a spiritual practice.
This could have been seen as a way to commune with a great spirit, heal those in need or to communicate the spirits of their ancestors. This is of course speculation but as there is no absolute evidence of the complete use of these ancient sites.

I also detected a similar low frequency electrical pulsing in and around Bryn Celli Ddu 'burial' chamber on Anglesey, most interestingly the pulsing stopped when two overseas male visitors entered the chamber, then slowly returned after they left the site,
There is no answer at present why I could detect electrical pulses but it will make an interesting investigation.

Is there a natural phenomenon at these sites?
Do the stones of the structures focus a local energy~?
Is there very subtle energy in the stones?

To try to once again detect the pulsing electrical energy I detected several years ago but this time with more and advanced technology .
Can ancient stones store and emit some type of energy?
Did ancient man design these monuments this way?
Is this why ancient built these various monuments?
If I can detect anything can I amplify it and what will it do????
Can my EVP - (spirit communication technology) contact ancient spirits?

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