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About Paradox

My general aim is to design and build technology to aid research in 'Paranormal' subjects,
My view is that most attempts by conventional science to explain 'Paranormal' events do not fully understand what they are asked to investigate, then because an answer that explains away a phenomena, this is then accepted as 'the answer' - but only by other conventional scientists and those who believe them, not by those who have personal experiences.
Conventional science will bring conventional answers, conventional science has become complacent, it should push back boundaries, innovate
By bringing new technology into the research, new interpretations are possible.
My 'Modus Operandi' is to think outside the box, not sit in it.

When I first became interested in paranormal research, I studied the range of equipment and technology available to investigators.
With so few recent, reported, recorded ghost sightings on video or on photograph,
I realized that new specialized equipment would be needed to make progress in science-based paranormal research, equipment that was not then available.

My first (and still ongoing) task was to define what to detect as evidence of the presence of a ghost or spirit and then to design and build suitable equipment.

Paradox electronics was born, combining my interest in electronics and paranormal research to design and build a new range of technology, specifically for paranormal investigation. My goal is to produce new ways to enhance our limited opportunities to detect and record conclusive evidence of a ghost or spirit.

This first lead me to build the Sentinel detection systems, highly sensitive portable & fixed multi sensor devices that can trigger a camera or work with a camcorder for continuous- triggered video recording. Standard sensors can detect changes in electric and magnetic fields; other sensors tested include quartz crystals for vibration energy and living plants.
The Sentinel systems detect small changes in electric fields, which I believe is directly related to paranormal activity, specifically in detecting the presence of a ghost.

Other equipment includes:-
Experimental real-time EVP systems,
Light meters passive and active infrared sensors
Single, multiple laser & turbo laser illuminators,
Long-range laser perimeter alarm
Frequency modulated multi colour LED lighting (human night vision)
Camcorder mounted, sweep frequency, pulsed, multi-coloured LED lighting with recordible light meter.

Equipment is primarily intended for use by investigators constantly monitoring the environment.
I look forward to working along side mediums & spirit sensitive people to combine spiritual and scientific methods of investigation.

Investigations should be conducted in an objective manor, noting and recording the results (or none results) of the new & unique electronic equipment for compilation in a database.

I believe paranormal research is a most fascinating area of human existence; most people have an interest or a story to tell. Many people now want to be involved.
I have spent many hours accompanying members of the public on ghost watch/vigils,
from which I realized there is a role for public involvement in serious research.

I believe much can be gained from both public and experienced investigators using the equipment. (And this would make a very interesting television programme)