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A seemingly contradictory statement
that may nonetheless be true.

Investigation of prehistoric burial chambers

Along with attempts to communicate with the spirits of our deceased relatives and those in the locations we investigate, can the spirits of our ancestors laid to rest in ancient burial chambers come to talk to us?

I believe burial chambers such as West Kennet long barrow, Bryn Celli Ddu (and many others) were not places of internment as we know it, they were spiritual passageways for the passing on soul to move from the world of the living to the next level of existence.
To ancient mankind were these special places to communicate with those who have passed?
Can we, modern mankind respectfully communicate with our spirit world in these special places or will the spirits of the past come to us?

Do the ancient stone structures hold energy - the presence of those sacred spirits?
Can we respectfully request the presence of Celtic spirits?
Can I find investigators brave enough to face the potential of contact with ancient Celtic spirits? Will using the active audio systems (electro-magnetic or optical) provide
A most unusual investigation?
Using any of the several electronic sensing systems and 'Live EVP', passive and active systems will make an investigation slightly different

Or did 'burial chambers' have another purpose could they be healing chambers, could singing, chanting, drumming have been used to heal?
I would like to try an experiment, a technology now, complete can generate three adjustable tones, it also drives individual coloured LEDs - red, green and blue, effectively mixing sound with colour.
Could finding a resonant/harmonic frequency of a burial chamber evoke a reaction within those present?
Investigation work has been done in this field but to the best of my knowledge not with a three tone/light generator.
Bryn Celli Ddu is the closest chamber to where I live but West Kennet is the most appealing.

Close to the largest stone circle in England Avebury, annually appear 'Crop Circles' the complex formations in standing wheat, corn and other plants is there a connection with the ancient stone structures in the area?
Undoubtedly many of these circles and complex formations called glyphs are created by humans, but several unusual ones standout, these are the ones that interest me.
Of more interest is to conduct investigations in and around them using my new technologies

Saturday 12-3-07

I drove down to Wiltshire to take a friend to view a car; we spent several hours at the dealership.
As our trip took us near to the village of Avebury, (which is actually within Britain's largest stone circle), I took the opportunity to take the 'Sentinel 2 GXL' and test it around the stones and also in the burial chamber at West Kennet long barrow.
After taking lunch at the Red Lion pub, I set off on a short investigation around the stones. First en -route, were the large stones known as 'the cove'.
At the stones, the meter was turned on to a setting of 5 on the electric field and magnetic field sensors and a setting of x10 on the preamp.
I held the S2 to the stone and instantly saw fluctuations on the display. At first I thought this was due to the breeze, (the S2's electric field sensor can detect energy blown by the wind) but the responses continued even though I sheltered the S2 from the wind.
I moved to the second stone at the cove, which showed similar responses. At that time, I was convinced that the breeze caused the responses on the machine but I would change this view later.
I then moved to the fallen stone adjacent to the antique shop. Here, I was able to place and leave the S2 on the stone; the same pulsing electric field was evident.
I then crossed over the road towards the larger 'entrance stones'. Walking towards the large stones I stopped and tested three stones (4, 5 & 6). All showed a clear pulse repeating at approximately 1 to 1 ½ seconds. I moved around each of the stones to shelter from the wind and to be objective, the response could be seen clearly in several locations around each stone.
I then moved over to one of the larger 'entrance' stones, standing with my back to the Red Lion first to the left stone. The same pulsing could be seen although not as strong
. This was also detected in several places around the stone.
When I moved to the other large stone there was no pulse detectable. There is an indentation in the stone where a person can sit; I placed the S2 in this spot, but still no response.
My car was in a car park which is locked at 4-30 pm, regrettably I had to leave.
I meet up with Sue & Alan at the car and headed up to' West Kennet long barrow', an ancient burial chamber, a place Sue and I have visited many times. The walk up to the chamber is different now; there are no field boundaries or proper path in the second field.
I had turned on the S2 along this walk but with little response. When I first entered the chamber several people were in and around the area. There was only a minor response from the S2 as I walked in, but nothing when the S2 was held against a stone or placed anywhere on the floor.
I decided to walk outside & concentrate on watching the magnetic sensor display whilst on top of the barrow. This did give brief reactions along the ridgeline.
As most people had left the area, I re-entered the barrow once again with S2 on. This time responses were detected in both the first small chamber on the left, also the second.
I then walked to the end of the main passage and placed the S2 on the floor, the same pulsing responses could be seen, (some of this was recorded on my still camera/video)
I then walked outside and placed the S2 on the floor adjacent to the entrance stone, the faint pulsing could be seen on the display. I then placed the S2 on the floor next to the stone, the pulses became much stronger, occurring approximately 1 per second, but also with random variations. The S2 settings at this time were 10 on the electric field and 10 on the magnetic field; this is the most sensitive setting. In-between the strong pulses, background random fluctuations were also present.

The strong pulses were off scale to (+) and (-) voltage.
During the time at the barrow the S2 was sheltered from the wind.
This was an impromptu investigation with out a specific plan or procedure, where possible I ensured there was no one near the S2 when noted observations were made.
During the observations in the chamber, I ensured any noted reactions were taken when no one was moving.
On the selected settings, the S2 was detecting between 1/1000 and 1/100,000 of a volt fluctuations.

During the time of the reactions only the electric field sensor showed responses, the magnetic sensor showed only extremely small responses.

When I first entered the chamber I took some still pictures, one of these was an 'orb'. Although captured regularly at 'haunted' locations it is still interesting to capture one in a burial chamber. There are several explanations as to how they appear on a picture, but I believe there are still some that are difficult to explain in technical terms.

The chamber was 'quiet' when we first arrived but a couple of things changed as the S2 began sensing electrical activity,

1. Most of the visitors had left just before things happened.
2. The sun was setting, the three of us remaining are good friends and perhaps that bond of friendship contributed to the activity.

I hope to organise a team and go back to Avebury. Several investigators positioned at selected stones and at the chamber would make a very interesting investigation.
Two visitors were observing during the latter time, they were very interested in what I was doing and asked ' did I travel the country investigating places like this?'
If only, I thought!

When at home the following day I turned on the S2 to the same high settings as used at Avebury to prove to myself the machine was not malfunctioning. It was left on for 2 hours with the scope display showing' the shape' of the mains 50hz cable nearby.
The machine had performed perfectly both days.

So what did it detect at Avebury.
Slow, low energy pulsing from the stones in the circle, but not all the stones were tested.
Initially at the burial chamber, nothing then a build up of electrical background noise and then semi regular higher energy both inside and outside of the chamber.

On the next to avebury and other special ancient sites, I will to be prepared and equipped for a co-ordinated investigation with more equipment and investigators.

Stones 4,5 and 6
'Entrance' stones
Outside the chamber
Inside the chamber

Short video outside the chamber


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