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A seemingly contradictory statement
that may nonetheless be true.

A fantastic North West Spirit Seekers event at Blair St vault on Friday 13th, the reactions from the live 'EVP' systems were probably the best yet.
For the early part of the evening Eddie (the Medium) and my self-stayed in the same area while the groups changed during the break.
The focus of attention was at the far end of the vaults for Eddie but no reactions on equipment for me (for now).
We moved around various areas within the vaults but later drifted back to the area we called the crossroads. As the group stood in the area where Eddie was sensing a un-friendly spirit, as more was talked about the spirit character the atmosphere changed.

As the group talked the 'EVP' machine started to react giving bursts of tone/feedback, that responded to questions, later when talking with Eddie he said the responses from the machine strengthened his connection with the spirits around us.

As I and several of the group talked and asked questions to those in spirit that I am convinced were around us, the equipment responded. We heard several different frequencies from the equipment that we thought were in response to three or four spirits.

While this is happening I stand perfectly still so as not to be responsible for changing the atmosphere around the equipment, I usually walk away from the tripod mounted camcorder and EVP system, but earlier the thread on the clamp handle had 'gone', it has had some hard work recently, so I was forced to hold the system and stand still,

I do not usually recognise the sensing of cold spots as evidence of paranormal activity, I think in any old location, at night draughts cannot be ruled out, but this was different, several times both my hands felt icy cold blasts for a few moments then gone, I have been in many old locations but I have not felt this before.
Many others in the group felt the same cold feelings, more unusually I also felt a gentle warm breeze blow in my face.
Until that night I had dismissed temperature changes until I felt it for myself.

As the tone bursts continued I believe Eddie could spiritually interpret the responses we could hear as noise, at times the tones vibrated and I hoped they would turn into a voice, we were not lucky. I become very frustrated I have come so far with equipment design and it feels that the ultimate response is within my grasp if only I could make a final tweak to the electronics that will allow direct spirit communication.

As I am driving home I usually have a few thoughts as the next modifications I can make to the equipment, during a conversation some time over the weekend perhaps in a conversation about science fiction and time travel, a flux capacitor was mentioned from the film back to the future, of course this is a fictitious component, but it did cause me to think about its fictitious counter part - the charge inductor.

Before my 'EVP' had reacted at our location a familiar sound could be heard from the other group, I had earlier equipped one of that team with a hand held 'EVP' system.
I could hear the usual bursts of tone and had expected one of there team to come to find me but they didn't, they had understood the principal and used the equipment as a potential communication tool, when we regrouped for a break the gentleman using the equipment said that at one time someone in the group had sensed a dog around them at that point he said a dog barking could be heard from the equipment.

Another unusual occurrence happened, when I first tried to turn on my digital camera there was no response, I then replaced the batteries with known, charged batteries, after only three pictures the flat battery symbol flashed on the view screen, this has never happened before at a haunted location (to me), the only other place this has happened to me was in a crop circle to two camcorder batteries.

The 'live EVP' equipment is designed with the intension of allowing spirit voices of be heard, at present the systems give bursts of tone or feedback that last from 1 second to 30 or more, this happens when there is no reason ie nothing changes near on around the equipment. I rightly or wrongly I interpret the bursts of tone as potentially a communication, but the machine is as yet unable to convert that energy form into one we can understand but I constantly modify the machines, adding new tweaks to attain the ultimate goal. Of particular interest that night is that a member of the public believe they heard a dog bark through the equipment, it is important for me that this happened when I was not present, other people can be involved and contribute to research.

Events at Blair St vaults that night were one of the most interesting so far, I look forward to my next visit to the vaults, its not Most Haunted, its not Ghost Busters, its far more interesting than that,
It's a pity I can't find a camera crew to record the increasing interesting events.



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