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A seemingly contradictory statement
that may nonetheless be true.

Dryn Celli Ddu 6-6-10

Dryn Celli Ddu
is a restored bronze age passage 'burial' chamber, obviously through
restoration not in its original condition, it is a very unusual monument as it is surrounded by a ditch and stone circle.
The chamber is now covered in earth and grass to help preserve it and has modern concrete beams inside to help support the roof, the lining stones and the inner chamber are of the original stone. A most unusual aspect of this chamber is a standing stone or monolith in the small round main chamber, the stone about 6ft 8ins tall above ground appears to be a fossilised tree trunk and is the focus of the chamber.
There is also another standing stone outside the rear opening of the chamber, the rear opening at about head height is not big enough to enter or exit and lets in light.
Personally I am glad of its present condition as many are in far worse condition,
My belief is this type of structure was not a burial place, more likely a place where the deceased would be brought and where there spirit or soul would calmly transcend to the next existence, it would have been held with respect.
I also believe sounding/humming/chanting would have been part of ceremonial procedure due the reflective property's of the stone construction.

I recently finished a prototype of a machine - The Harmoniser
The Harmoniser is a three channel sound generator with four range settings and adjustable frequency adjustment for individual channels.
Each channel also drives a group of red, green or blue LEDs to create a light effect in optical harmony with the sound.
After a brief familiarisation anyone can adjust the settings to create a sound they 'like'.

I had previously contacted several friends with an idea to use the Harmoniser in Bryn Celli Ddu as an experiment.
A group gathered on Anglesey and consisted of Migs, Alan and Linda, Adrian and Jenny, Alan Y, and me.

We made our way walking up to the chamber, as some of those gathered had not previously visited the chamber I left them to have a little time before I started using the Harmoniser.
I gave a brief description of the technology and its relative ease of use, we decided three people should start by jointly holding the main pillar stone as this is the main focus of the chamber, Linda using dowsing rods asked who should start, the first three were Migs, Linda and me.
I used to avoid joining spiritual events mainly to take the role of observer and recorder but this event is different, I built the Harmoniser as a combined electronic, spiritual, audio, optical device, it is part of me - I have put much research and thought into it, it is part of my philosophy, so I took part in the meditation/interaction.
I instructed Jenny how to adjust the three frequencies and after a while she got us to mixing the three frequencies and how they interact to create 'harmonic tritones'.
For those taking part we are in the hands of the operator but we can instruct the operator about when they find 'good sounds/vibrations' or to make small adjustments.
Migs was mostly quiet through out but later she told me she was experiencing visualizations, Linda often commented when a 'good' frequency was found and how she was perceiving the vibration/sounds - within her chakras.
Through-out the various mixing of the three frequencies, at times the sound is almost monotone which some people enjoy and relate to this can also have an energy boosting property.
Other settings and mixing of the frequencies produce a 'tritone' sound - harmonics of the three tones that can sometimes resonate or vibrate.

I believe this is from combination of the electronic mixing and possibly a combined reaction from the red, green and blue LEDs that are also illuminated individually
via one of the frequency generators.

As the three of us were standing holding the monolith we all felt grounded to the earth and connected to the stone, during this time listening to the low frequency sound it felt I was repeating something that would have been done in the bronze age - a clearing/cleansing (of myself and the chamber) and connecting to the earth.
The connection felt circular from the stone through hands into body, through feet into the earth and from the earth into the stone.
Perhaps the process was energized by the changing low frequency sounds that resembled the 'Omm' hum heard in a Tibetan monastery as part of a meditation chant or from the sounding of several very large horns sometimes associated with Buddhist monks.

The 'event' felt of a connection of past, present and future - the bronze past of which we all have ancestors who were of that time and the effort we in our present time hade made to be part of that night we wanted, with great respect to be there, and the new technology that I had made the effort through my knowledge and quest for this spiritual 'thing', to create 'spiritual?' technology.
Several of those gathered had little knowledge of the Harmoniser and its potential, but in this special place it was not out of place indeed felt 'right' bringing something back, possibly not heard in the chamber for many years.

I think we all felt and got some thing different from the event, probably what we needed, but we all felt connected to the chamber, the stone and the earth. We were not induce into a trance, we could hear Adrian talking outside the chamber, it did not bother us or change our experience, we were aware of our surroundings and very aware of the sounds.

Personal note-
At times I could feel the stone slowly shake, at times hands tingled, most of the time I felt a circular connection/flow of energy - hands-stone-earth-feet-body- hands, but not flowing or moving but a part of a circle. - connected.

As the second group took over the stone holding, Migs adjusted the Harmoniser, still getting good vibes.
During this time I turned on the Quantum EVP sound to light system for an experiment, although it ran for some time without response, in thought I could briefly hear a high hitch singing or humming, at the time I dismissed it, when driving home discussing the evening with Migs she said she also heard the same sound, I will take more notice of this next time.

It was noticed that as the low frequency sounds reverberated around the chamber the stone lining could be felt vibrating, this was also noticed when standing on the top of the chamber. (this was not a destructive force) adding to the theory that for bronze age man the chamber was designed with sound in mind, just as humming, chanting, toning was part of a ritual used here.
The chamber added something to the sound, more than when listening through headphones, the sound surrounded us, we could feel it all around.
Perhaps just as to day various sound can be felt to be beneficial or have healing quality ancient man also recognized this, the experiment we conducted in the chamber was not just for fun, the Harmoniser did evoke certain feelings, not a trance - a good feelings, the earthy low tones reminiscent of a didgeridoo evoke a calming, grounding peaceful feeling that allowed me to feel (at least imagine if nothing else) what bronze age man would have felt.

The druid / paranormal team

A return visit is planned very soon, when I will take and monitor further electronic, magnetic and EVP equipment

The following recordings were made on the second visit the chamber

Part 1

Part 2





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