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A seemingly contradictory statement
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Electronic Séance
A new era of paranormal investigation

My favoured investigation procedure is to attempt to contact a spirit through audio EVP technology whilst using modulated infrared and ultraviolet light

Many paranormal investigators relay on EMF meters typically the K II, whilst these are sensitive devices they lack an important technology - an audio response to a detected energy.
Many triggered responses could be fully understood what electro-magnetic source caused it if the EMF signal was heard. (many response are caused by mobile phones)

When possible I try to use a combination of four types of audio technology to try to contact those in spirit.

Recently whilst using a new more powerful Ultraviolet Digital lighting system responses have become more intense, stronger audio reactions.

At present these are a combination of white noise and a type of feedback, that produces vocal type audio.

An observer/investigator plays an active roll in talking (calling out) to any spirit potentially interested in communication with up.

If a medium is present there interaction can potentially enthuse those people present and pass on any messages gained spiritually.

The EVP technology (now several machines) allows the people present and the recording equipment to witness and record any audio responses.

As my EVP technology works in real-time there is the potential of immediate interaction between the living and those in spirit.

Most recently in the presence of a Medium - Ewan it was relayed that a young spirit was drawn into the room with us because of the new UV light.
I hope that soon this new lighting (or similar digital lighting technology) will allow me to capture on video a ghost/spirit during a real-time interaction during this type of ' Electronic Séance '
New UV lighting is in development that can react or be modulated by local Electro-magnetic fields or from a handheld sensor.

The EVP technology I have built and use are conversation technologies, they covert any audio present into electromagnetic fields, electronic fields and light, and then back into audio.

Ultraviolet light is the most powerful colour we can just see, it is on the edge of our perception. It can only just be seen by camcorders and still cameras (they usually have filters) but with extended exposure time and the use of a tripod still images can be taken.
My lighting systems modulate or pulse the light to create an active - energetic energy, I can vary pulse frequencies, use variable analogue frequency or musical audio tracks.

A stereo light system can create overlapping energy waves that respond to the audio/analogue/frequency drive system.
This could provide the energetic light needed to illuminate a ghost/spirit in the presence of those present in real-time.

Infrared 'night vision' camcorders play an important roll in investigation, my technology allow me to manipulate the characteristic of the light to create a new investigation tool.

My infrared systems pulse or modulate the light to provide a new potential of recording a ghost, careful adjustment of the pulse frequency can cause interference with the 'frame rate capture' of a camcorder,
Pulsing the infrared light can cause 'phasing' of a recording, slow fading of light
This is altering the time when the camera can record its video image.

This technique could potentially help capture images of objects just out of phase or time with our time reference.

This is a link to a recent audio recording made at the Old Kings Head, Chester

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