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A seemingly contradictory statement
that may nonetheless be true.

The Ghost on the bed
Paranormal Investigations at -
The Old Kings Head Chester

Friday 6-7-2012
I had taken part in a vigil in room 1 with about 10 people, a mixture of 'The Resting Place' paranormal team and visiting public.

At the time I had used my Quantum EVP system (a voice to light - to quartz crystal - light to voice transceiver), this had given bursts of tone and reactions to some questions.

The Quantum EVP system has, on investigations produced limited responses
consisting of bursts of audio tone similar to feedback (but I believe it is not feedback)
on rare occasions this has become a voice/voices.

After calling out to the spirit world for responses for some time and is usual protocol the group decided to move on to another room, I decided to stay alone in the room to take photographs using a still camera and my Digital light system, this is a digital-pulsed ultraviolet and blue light system.

Unlike conventional flash photography (of short duration, fast shutter speed shots)
using the digital lighting systems requires a longer shutter times of one to three seconds (or more dependent on the location).
My digital lighting systems generate pulse modulated blue and ultraviolet light as an alternative lighting technology.

During the time I took the photographs I was the only living person in the room and no one else entered the room during the photo session.

I took pictures from several places in the room circling the central four poster bed this became important, it recorded the room interior from every angle.

About half way through I checked some of the images for anomalies but nothing was apparent at the time. I continued to take more pictures before rejoining the group.

The shots - approximately 20 were taken around the room, this allowed a visual inspection of the layout of the room.

When I checked the images two days later I was interested to find anomalies on a three of the images

Critically there are photographs taken at the time that do not reveal anything in the room - curtains, drapes etc that could, I believe be responsible for anomalies

At the time of taking the photographs I did not sense anything, the only reaction of interest at the time was from the Quantum EVP machine which continued to generate low intensity tones.
(Subsequent investigations using the Q EVP system in combination with an Electromagnetic EVP system has allowed us the hear voices/shouts on two occasions.)

The area where I was standing when taking the pictures

The area of 'interest' where the anomalies occurred

Picture 1,
A light colour object on the end of the bed casting a shadow on the far wall

Picture 2,
The object turns into a misty object, possibly caused by movement or changing state of matter.

Picture 3,
The object has now become dark.

I investigate in this room as often as possible, when ever the room is not in use by guests, the building is a working public house/hotel.

I am very grateful to Harry Achilleos, the owner of the Old Kings Head, Chester for his enthusiasm towards paranormal investigation and allowing my regular visits.

I look forward to further vigils, using my ever increasing range of experimental technology to try to capture further evidence of life after death.

As I did not see anything at the time of the shots, I believe time is a critical factor, the longer exposure indicates to me (if it is a spirit) that it exists at a different 'life speed' or frequency.
It has been said many times that the spirit world exists at a different - higher frequency to ours, perhaps these photographs show a reality to this.

My eyes process images micro second by micro second, 'over writing' previous images (but stored as memories) providing a continual stream of visual information.

A long duration photograph technique of several seconds captures and combines moments in time, several seconds in time, (this can be longer or shorter as required)
This is an ongoing experimental procedure but could indicate time to be an important factor in paranormal photography.

The use of pulsed light Ultraviolet/blue light is important !!! - This is at the higher frequency end of the light spectrum.
Our eyes and the camera can only just see ultraviolet light but the longer exposure captures 'more time'.

Investigations continue at the building with an ever increasing range of technology.
The truth is out there and waiting to be discovered.

The Wrexham Laser Ghost

The video sequence was taken some time ago in a undisclosed pub in Wrexham, North Wales (still in use),
Watch for the 'misty shapes' caught in the laser beam approaching me.
As the 'object' passes the back of the man seated to my right listen to what he says.
At this time I have not said to those present what I was watching.

The original is sequence is very dim, I have enhanced it to improve it.

The Plas Teg ghost child

I believe the following picture shows a misty figure the size of a child approaching me, reaching out.
It was taken using the Digital lighting system I have developed which requires shutter exposure of several seconds.
I was the only person (living) on the top landing at 2 am, I was predominantly creating laser 'doodle art' photos with a laser pointer but caught more than I expected.

An interesting note - my thoughts at that time was relaxed and calm, there was unusual lighting from the Digital lighting system and the lasers, did all this attract the ghost?

Orignal image

The blue element of the original image in greyscale

Greyscale of the original image

Plas Teg Friends Paranormal evening

Saturday night (29-10-11) Plas Teg, North Wales

After listening to Ross Hemsworth of Glastonbury internet radio programme 'The Hammer show' when he explains about a recording of a 'ghost'
passing through a wall during an investigation. He explained in the programme about the specific frame rate capture of the camera.

Upon hearing this I set one of my Digital LED lighting units to the same frequency, knowing I was visiting Plas Teg the following night.

At about 12: 30am I set up the camera and light system in the exact place that I had captured an image I called 'The Plas Teg Ghost Child' several years ago.

This time I used the same camera and lighting unit, the difference being that it was set to a fixed frequency, the frequency relating the video camera used by Ross.

I was not disappointed. Two of the photographs captured a misty semi-solid object in the bottom left of the picture.

The technique requires a tripod and long exposure settings to make use of the frequency pulsing blue and ultraviolet light.
There was only myself on the top landing at the time the photographs were taken.

As the time indicates, the photographs are taken one after another and although there were many more taken onlytwo capture the misty images.
I have included the pictures before and after the interesting ones to show the sequence of events.

The pictures were viewed on the night before they were downloaded on to a computer and several people can confirm this.

What is it?
Is it the ghost of the same child visiting me once again?

First picture (control) 8516 showing nothing time taken 00 : 48 : 36
( the red lines are caused by a laser pointer, this was also used at the time of the first picture)

Second picture 8517 object in bottom left, time taken 00 : 49 : 28

Third picture 8518 object in bottom left - time taken 00 : 50 : 10

Forth picture (control) 8519 showing nothing time taken 00 : 50 : 48

The fifth image is a blue enhanced version of 8518 to raise the detail in the shot. It is the only one altered on the computer as
I realised there was a warning label on the bench/seating that appeared as a nose type protrusion and this has been this is edited out
to gain an alternative view of the image.

The images are grainy because of their are long exposure times of 15 seconds in very low light.

The whole concept of using pulsed light and long exposure is so unusual, the pulsing of the light would freeze time to the setting of the machine - 50 hertz,
it adds an experimental concept of vibrating light into paranormal investigation, perhaps this concept creates a harmonic frequency that is close to that of the spirit world,
this is just a speculative idea but food for thought.

In my view the object has appeared for a short time perhaps 1 or 2 seconds, it has popped into the shot then gone,
there is little evidence of movement as this would appear as a blur in the long exposure, granted the exposure could be much shorter,
this is open to a wide range of experiment, but so is the frequency setting.
Next time I hope to run an infrared LED light as well and use a night vision camcorder to see if that captures anything.

I have not tried testing for infrasound yet at the location but perhaps I should think about this, I did not have temperature measuring equipment at the time
but it was not cold enough to see your breath and of course there is no smoking aloud in the buildng.

I am very inspired to capture this second image from the same position, as the first,
The appearance in only two pictures out of many more is intriguing and I was lucky to be able to spend time by myself taking the pictures, but I got a result.

Although it might seem strange to some people and very unscientific but I believe it is a 'frame of mind' that is important
(although there are connections to quantum physics here), I like to believe I adopt it, indeed I believe this creates the atmosphere friendly to the spirit world,
I have had several encounters whilst in a relaxed and positive attitude, defiantly not if angry or scared.

I am looking forward to my next visit to Plas Teg.

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