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A seemingly contradictory statement
that may nonetheless be true.

On Friday 1-8-08 I attended an investigation at a theatre in North Wales with UK Paranormal and Tudno Radio from Llandudno.
Amongst the unusual events that occured I would like to report the following unusual incident and experiment.

Around [1am] xxxxxx from Tudno and my self began an unplanned vigil, were in the area between the entrance to the under-stage dressing rooms. After approximately an hour of vigil, people left the area for a refreshment break.
For the previous vigil I had set up SCD1 (gizmo) the EVP system, several people were in the dressing rooms but little happened.

However with only myself and xxxxxx left in the area things changed, I adjusted the machine until I felt happy with it, when a particular setting was found the machine began to react and as usual it gave bursts of 'unusual feedback'.
As this began to happen I stood back from the machine, the bursts of feedback came and went, both xxxxxx and were perfectly still, the bursts changed, the start and end sometimes had a vibration, some bursts were longer than others and on occasion a two-tone sound was heard.

During this time and in the hope we were being heard by a spirit, we asked questions, some times with a response, I believe it is possible a spirit was trying to communicate with us, but the machine still requires the correct set-up to be found or further slight modifications, I am getting close!

During this vigil a crash/bang was heard from a dressing room, this is a room where other active incidents have occurred, although a little shocked we investigated but could find nothing, the noise was similar to a door slamming and locking, we found all the doors open, no explanation for the noise could be found.

I then set in motion a very unusual experiment, a few days previous I was talking with Tina Williams, a friend from work, we were discussing arranging secret code words with a friend or relative if the opportunity arose before an imminent death.
This would be used as confirmation that a message from the relative or friend was on the 'other side'.

Remembering this conversation and in the hope a spirit was present, asked the spirit to pass a message to a well known (living) Medium, the information in the message will allow the Medium to contact me directly, but only if the Medium receives the message from the spirit.

Was there a spirit present?
Could the spirit hear my voice directly?
Could the spirit hear my voice through the machine?
Can the spirit contact the Medium?

I have had no previous contact with the Medium in question and I believe the Medium does not know me.

The vigil was recorded in audio format by xxxxxx and myself.

To preserve this unique experiment only xxxxxx and myself know the details of what was said.

Now I wait.

(Name hidden to preserve the integrity of the experiment for as long as possible.)


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