Photo Art Galleries

Gallery 1


Emalina - photo shoot 1 at Plas Teg part 1

Gallery 2

  Emalina - photo shoot 1 at Plas Teg part 2

Gallery 3

  Emalina and Melissa- photo shoot at Plas Teg

Gallery 4

  Sir Jamie of Teg - photo shoot at Plas Teg - my friend Jamie poses in his battle re-enactment armour

Gallery 5

  Pistyll Rhaeadr Waterfall

Gallery 6

  Woodland garden tests

Gallery 7

  Early tests at Plas Teg

Gallery 8

  Garden lighting tests

Gallery 9

  Saturnalia The Romans march in Chester

Artistic Composure

Is a computer process to convert and generate images in the style of artistic masterpieces - oil painting, water colour, pastel, coloured pencil and gothic style.

Subjects can be a wedding day photograph, individual portrait, a photograph of a loved one, your baby, a family group, your house, your car, a favourite landmark, your village, your garden, a pet, any image you would like transformed into a stylised image.

Below I have included some examples of the process, as I enjoy this as an art form (taking the photographs and then processing them)
I will constantly add more.

If you would like a photograph processed or have an artistic project to apply this to contact me for details.

Gallery 10

  Barney and Rupert

Gallery 11

  Jaguar XJS

Gallery 12

  Chester Clock

Gallery 13

  Chester Cathedral

Gallery 14

  A Gothic story



All images on the website are copyright Paul Rowland
Photo shoots are available contact me for details E-mail Paul Rowland

Equipment used during 'The Art of Darkness' shoots
Spectral lighting system

A LED Multy colour, portable, battery powered lighting system.
It employs a range of coloured LEDs - red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, white ( pink/purple, UV & laser pointer to follow)
Originally designed for a TV broadcast camera, can be used with video and still cameras.

Colours are individually switchable and have an individual adjustable intensity control, allows a wide range of active, real-time or preset colour mixing.
The system is designed as an alternative to standard flash lighting and to allow a greater range of colour mixing without colour gel filters.
It will help to create unusual illuminated and atmospheric images.

It has separate waterproof and submersible multi colour LED attachments for experimental underwater lighting and have long extension cables that also allow elevated special effects.

The system can be scaled up in light output for larger locations requiring greater lighting as required.
A second base drive unit simulates fire with a flickering effect in the whole range of colours.

Further light generating drive units are planned.

It can be used adjust the colour of a face, food, clothing or the chosen subject to be photographed. The system is especially effective with moving subjects in low light or complete darkness for coloured motion effects.

Coloured back drops/backgrounds can be created.
Sockets are fitted for external light units.
LED's operate cool when in use and low power, ideal for battery power, the system is light and portable.

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