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A seemingly contradictory statement
that may nonetheless be true.

Just a brief report about the forthcoming Ghostfest in Edinburgh in may.

After an enjoyable day promoting NWSS/Mary Kings Close/Blair St Vaults involvement in the Ghostfest I was asked to attend a short investigation in a city centre flat that has had reports of 'paranormal activity'.

The assembled group consisted of Claire and Keira from Continuum, Sue Gyford from the Edinburgh Evening news, Neil Tweedie from the Daily Telegraph, Dr Ciaran O'Keeffe, Ewan Irvine Medium and my self.

The brief investigation consisted mostly of discussions about my new technology and various investigation methods, equipment was in operation during this time.

A it was decided a 'live EVP' system was set up in the bedroom, as discussions continued the machine was triggered 3 times, on the first occasion it stopped as I reached to adjust it, and on the last time it was manually turned down by me, all of these events were witnessed by all gathered in the kitchen and that there was no-one (living) in the bedroom.

As Ciaran stated, other than the sound/tone, nothing significant could be attributed to that event, however when back home I completed an equipment check, the equipment was not functioning correctly, it will work as normal. At this time of writing I cannot find the problem (but I will) this is the first time I have suffered an equipment failure of this type.

I hope to at some time in the future return to the flat for another investigation with the owners consent

I am currently developing a new 'Quantum energy' based technology to create another new opportunity for the spirit world to communicate directly with us 'none mediums', this will on in use on all future investigations and adapted for use in other paranormal subjects.

If you would like further information about attending The Paradox Experience at the Ghostfest and events please contact North West Spirit Seekers.


E-mail Paul Rowland for further information.
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