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A seemingly contradictory statement
that may nonetheless be true.

Galvanic skin response (GSR)



The galvanic skin resistance (GSR) instrument measures the electrical conductivity of the skin and gauges the overall tension levels. The GSR machine uses two electrodes attached to two fingers, measures the conductivity of the skin and amplifies the body's electrical signals it then translates them into signals and sounds which changes proportionately from the direct contact, that the person can observe directly -Biofeedback.

Any increase or decrease in the body's internal activity leads to a proportionate change in the frequency of the signals observed. So, when the signals become less intense, the user realizes that whatever she has just done, has worked.

Although not in common use, Biofeedback used by various therapists to treat stress-related ailments in adults and children, such as headaches, insomnia even asthma, quite effective in reducing tension anxiety and helps the mind/body to learn to achieve a relaxed (alpha) state and thus promote self healing.

The sentinel systems can function as GSR/Biofeedback monitors and with various new sensors. I believe my systems cannot only detect PK energy, but through a program of testing, exercises and training enhance this psychic / mind power ability.
On my first experimental trial I believe I have witnessed several people cause varying reactions on the machines from PK.

When a subject can first learn to generate a response on the machine from PK, sensitivity will initially be set on a high level.
After practice, the sensitivity could be gradually be reduced while the subject continues to try to influence the machine.
If the subject can then continue to affect the machine after a learning/training period, I believe this is caused by a biofeedback effect and the PK ability would gradually be strengthened or enhanced.
We are often told that we do not use our full brain potential, what if this PK ability is from that part of our brain we are not using. What hidden potential could we unlock from within our selves with this new self-learning ability.

If PK in humans could be reliably detected and developed, this new skill could enhance other abilities, senses and functions, in any chosen field - art, music, sport, education, business, by using that unused part of our brain.
As our brains are the most complex organ known, interconnected and with the ability to learn new skills at any age, what is possible?

Past research has concentrated on detecting the PK effect on machines or from methods that in my opinion were not well suited.
Currently biofeedback is generally used to help treat problems or to help aid recovery.
I would like to see biofeedback used to enhance mental fitness and induce optimum performance within the 'normal' brain and to help explore and unlock the illusive but fascinating aspect of humanity 'psychic ability'

Plants appear to show sensitivity when connected to a GSR machine, this was first noticed by Cleve Baxter in the USA, the inventor of the lie detector.
The plant tests showed responses to threats by Cleve, at first his reports were discounted, but some years later were confirmed by several independent worldwide scientific researchers.
This type of reaction was named 'primary perception' by Cleve and whilst plants do not appear to have a reactive nervous system unlike the complex humans one, as a life form of a simpler structure, plant perceptions and reactions would be a more basic, simple and primary response.
In my trial I have also witnessed a plant reacting to some people and not others.

In my view plants make ideal sensors for my paranormal research, as they have no perception of fear or are affected by ghost stories, they just react to something to something - yet to be fully researched and understood.

When connecting a plant to a GSR machine, responses can be seen and heard in the same way as in human biofeedback, by monitoring voltage changes within the plant. Could the plant be showing responses similar to stress in humans?
As they appear to react to their surroundings, could they also detect the human aura, psychic energy, healing energy, ghosts and spirits, music, emotions of people?

Where could this lead
In paranormal research plants and quarts crystals offer a unique unbiased sensor system and become a more reliable detection and recording method. I use this whenever possible.

What next
Continued trials and research when time and budget permit.

"Biofeedback means getting immediate ongoing information about one's own biological processes or conditions, such as heart behaviour, temperature, brain-wave activity, blood pressure, or muscle tension. Information is usually fed back by a meter, by a light or sound, or subjects simply watch the physiological record as it emerges from the monitoring equipment. Biofeedback training means using the information to change and control voluntarily the specific process or response being monitored."
Elmer Green, Beyond Biofeedback

"Occasionally I had heard half-joking remarks about researchers in biofeedback sounding like snake-oil salesmen. It didn't bother me until one of our own doctors cautioned against the concept of biofeedback as a panacea. Then I gave it serious thought. Why did biofeedback prove helpful in the treatment of so many and varied disorders? Suddenly I realized that it isn't biofeedback that is the 'panacea'--it is the power within the human being to self-regulate, self-heal, re-balance. Biofeedback does nothing to the person; it is a tool for releasing that potential."
Alyce Green, Beyond Biofeedback

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