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A seemingly contradictory statement
that may nonetheless be true.

Are we Re-discovering lost knowledge?

Since recently finding information on the following website - Old Temples study Foundation
I ask - did our ancient ancestors already know about the effects of sound vibration on the body/spirit?

From personal experience in Bryn Celli Ddu chamber there is a positive effect from the low frequency sound, it is a calming, grounding, energizing and finally a filling feeling.

I would probably be difficult to find people who could replicate the sounds of which our ancestors would have created during there ceremonies.
I hope the sounds created by the Harmoniser and intuitively 'tuned' by the operator are similar as they appear to have an effect as described in the 'Hal-Saflieni Hypogeum' on Malta. If circumstances would allow I would like to visit and test the Harmonisers at the chambers on Malta.
Nearer to home I will probably run the equipment at various chambers ,burial chambers, passageways, Fogous, tombs, barrows, caves, manmade structures etc.

As a thought - throughout our 'modern times' we build Churches, Chapels, Cathedrals Mosques, Synagogues etc as spiritual places of prayer and worship, not for burial, they take vast resources, time, energy and manpower to build.
I believe ancient man would not have built 'burial' chambers for that purpose only, I believe they would have been used for spiritual passage rites for the deceased, spirit communication, spiritual guidance, spiritual healing, sonic healing through chanting, sounding and drumming, special places.

Harmoniser 1 has 3 adjustable frequency generators, Harmoniser 2 will also include 2 further fixed frequency modulators at -7.8 Hz and 110 Hz.

This will allow further experiments in other locations but able to include properties perhaps not previously used in sound experiments.
Although bones were often found in chambers we refer to as 'burial chambers' I do not believe this was there main purpose. As many of these chambers have a resonance frequency around 110 hz that I and my friends who have visited Bryn Celli Ddu, can confirm, can induce a different feeling in individuals there purpose would have been more than for just burials.

The portability of the harmonizers will allow repeatable sound/harmonics experiments in various locations with volunteers who are interested.

I have several questions
What effect will it have on a skeptical but open minded person?
Can the sound heal or induce self healing? (in a chamber and in other places)
What effect will it have on a spiritual person?
What effect will it have on a 'Medium/spirit communicator' when trying or in contact
with the spirit world?
Can it increase the ability of a 'Medium/Spirit communicator'?
Can it have an effect on a 'Healer'?

I am reasonably happy that the experiments are not harmful to most volunteers, every person will be briefed on the experiment and will have an opportunity to operate the equipment for them selves and advised to leave the experiment if they feel uncomfortable with the sound.

Tests so far have been very experimental, I hope on future tests more data recording will take place, this will allow comparative experiments to take place.
Data recording should not have an impact on the intuitive nature of this work, ancient man would not have known of specific frequencies and there potential effect, they would have used intuition to find suitable 'feel good' sound, that is my priority at present.

I would also like to test the harmonizers in haunted locations - several of the vaults in Edinburgh, Bodmin Jail with excellent acoustic property's and old theatres such as Lancaster Grand using the stage P.A. system, if the harmonizers can induce effects on the living can they effect - energize the spirit world?

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