The Paradox Experience

The Paradox Experience(TPE)
21st Century Paranormal Investigation

Are you looking for something new on paranormal investigation, something more than the usual technology and procedures? Are you looking for real evidence of an afterlife.

The Paradox Experience offers a range of unique equipment to enhance investigation and will potentially allow you to gather and record evidence yourself during real-time experiments in detection and spirit communication with new technology.


I initially became interested in introducing a new range of technology into paranormal investigation due to the lack of technology seen and used on television programmes such as M**T H*****D and others.

The Paradox Experience provides and uses unique electronic technology, some of which is soon to be seen on the most scientific and realistic television programme -
Ghost Hunters International.

I am pleased and proud that GHI now use some of my technology and follow a sensible investigation procedure which has delivered results.

I have worked for some time to design and develop new and much needed new equipment, because even the best EMF meter does not provide me with useful results.

One of my goals is to integrate new technology & work on public events in an interactive, respectful, spiritual method on investigations. Some of the technology is available for sale.

Under supervision, some of the public on my events only can operate equipment independently from myself, becoming true investigators themselves.

I have developed several new types of technology these include

Sentinel systems - an energy sensing device, can be used as a sensor, a remote camera trigger, an electronic trigger object, or as part of a test for psychic ability

Digital lighting - a new method of LED lighting for photography and video used by GHI

Laser illumination - used in locations with large areas to illuminate in a new way, to offer a new potential to 'seeing something'

APLS - Active and Passive Lighting Sensor
An infrared and ultraviolet light emitter and receiver - used by GHI

PX 09 - A new high spec EMF meter with audio 'EVP' potential - used by GHI

R.E.G. - Random event Generator -
A randomly moving LED display can be used as an electronic trigger type object, this is also used in psychic testing.

In my quest to detect and provide real evidence that everyone present can witness and judge for themselves, I have developed several very experimental 'Live EVP' - (electronic voice phenomena) devices. These allow group participation and although results cannot be guaranteed, if there is an audio response everyone preset can hear it.

These machines are specifically designed to try to allow audio contact with a spirit -
Electro-magnetic EVP,
White noise EVP
Quantum Optical EVP

I refer to this procedure as an 'Electronic Séance'

At the time of writing I have not yet conducted this in the presence of a Medium - Who, When, Where will be the first?

I would like to conduct an 'electronic séance' in the presence of a group of Mediums (or spirit communicators - I don't mind what title is used), in a unique experiment with several 'Live EVP' Paradox technologies. to increase the potential of result

I believe the potential of a live EVP response through technology will be dramatically increased in the presence of several Mediums/communicators and in the presence of group of public who are serious and have integrity about the experiment.
A substantial audio result would allow everyone present to witness responses.

Although I cannot guarantee a response on the vigil or to a request, the EVP equipment offers the real potential of hearing a spirit voice for yourself. They have given results in the past.

This is procedure using my technology is unique to the a Paradox Experience event.

Not all equipment will be available or in use at every event.
Consultation prior to an event is advised to discuss suitable event procedures and equipment at the investigation location.

New technology is always under development - time permitting.
I also work with dowsing rods and other traditional procedures, offer spiritual advice where needed from my personal experiences, but I won't catch you when you jump!

Due to the unique technology I provide on an event, participants on my events do not only attend, they take part in the big experiment - to make contact with the spirit world.


A daytime of events where visitors can test them selves for various psychic abilities or potentially awaken previously unknown psychic skills..

Participants can try to 'affect' a various range of sensors, the technology used on PK tests can show real time results through audio and LED displays.

Zener cards are an ESP test used between a sender and receiver subjects, the test is for person to person image perception.

Psychometry is a test to see if you can sense the past or history of an object.
Information and guidance on dowsing and its use on paranormal investigations.

There is a unique group experiment is based on the Global Consciousness Project involving a group or individual trying to influence or control a random moving LED display.

Further exercise and training events can follow to enhance a psychic skills.

Events can also include guidance and instruction on Mediumship, spiritual awareness, spirit communication and clairvoyance
Question - If you can awaken a psychic ability, could you become better at other 'mental' skills?

NASA and SETI have yet to produce evidence of life in outer space, are they looking properly? Could it be ET does not use radio waves to communicate.
I have developed a voice to light - light to voice optical transceiver.
The 'Quantum' - a Particle beam transceiver transmits voice or any audio signal as a focused beam of light as a new experiment to contact Extra terrestrial beings.
The system also receives light and converts it back into an audio signal.
Would you like to try to make contact with extra terrestrial visitors on a Sky watch event and listen for a response yourself?

I am interested in high-tech investigations at ancient and mysterious sites - stone circles, standing stones, burial chambers, crop circles, UFO sightings, and events can be tailored to these subjects.
Can technology and Mediumship working together reveal something new about these unusual places?


The Paradox Experience is a 'Paranormal' event consultancy, I supply guidance, experience and equipment for the duration of an event.
I have been working with the general public for several years on paranormal investigation events and I take an active role on investigations.
TPE can work with paranormal investigation groups, guided public investigations, corporate events, charity events, private investigations, with or without a medium, television productions and scientific research organisations.
I can also arrange private investigation events.
Events where you operate equipment to potentially record paranormal activity yourself.
Following a briefing on equipment use and recommended procedures, you can use the various systems to investigate and record with your equipment.
Procedures will be tailored to suit location and event.
Only with experimental research and new technology will any advances be made in any research field TPE is part of present and future research.
Your results could contribute to a growing evidence base.

Contact me to discuss
The Paradox Experience
at your event.

E-mail Paul Rowland for further information.
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