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My technology is experimental
It does not follow conventional protocols, it is designed to operate differently, it offers the potential of offering different results.
I set out to improve the technology used during paranormal investigation, this involves 'out of the box thinking'.
I have combined ideas from many conversations with mediums and people who are spiritually aware and my knowledge of electronics to develop new technology.

I have three main areas of interest on investigation

Still image photography
To provide new sources of light and alternative procedures to try to capture a photograph of a ghost.
Over the many years since the development of photography and the millions of photographs taken there are relatively few photographs that are probably a real ghost, using my digital light systems I have captured seven images that I believe are of ghosts.

Camcorder - video recording
Using Infrared light, Ultraviolet light, spectral light, digital light, chaotic light, led re-projector light

EVP - Real-time spirit communication
I have developed several technologies to try to vocally communicate with the spirit world, this through converting audio into various energy forms.
These technologies operate in real time allowing the potential (if a contact is made) to record a conversation with a spirit on video/audio.
I use various energy technologies and have several systems to use.

My principals of investigation are
Ghosts and spirits were people once.
To respect the spirit I try to contact, not to use offensive language,
Greet and talk as if we are addressing a living person
Be positive in action and attitude.

I will work in the presence of those using a Ojai board if it is operated respectfully and for the purpose of respectful spirit communication.

Do not ask for negative responses
Do not seek negative spirits, energy, or demons.
I do not believe in asking for negative responses, throwing objects, insulting a spirit to generate a response.

I relay primarily on results through technology that is recordable, if a human response is noted or recorded that corresponds with technology this is a bonus.

Electronic Voice Phenomena
This usually refers to a recording made during a vigil or investigation, then played back some time after the event to monitor for anything 'unusual' on the recording.
A downside to this procedure is that if a sound or voice has been recorded, it cannot be responded to, the vigil and the opportunity has passed.

My EVP technology is live, it allows the potential of real-time responses and real-time interaction with the source of any audio phenomena by all those present and allows all persons present to witness and decide what caused any audio phenomena.
Audio responses from this technology are recordable.

This EVP technology is an experiment it allows an investigator to 'ask out' and listen for responses in real-time, it allows all those present to hear and judge any response.
In my view the greatest potential in spirit communication and proof is through direct conversation through technology.


A system that converts voice into ultraviolet light, this is projected into a quartz crystal, the light is then detected and converted back into audio.
The process converts low frequency audio (voice) into the high frequency UV light acting as a carrier wave, the quartz crystal acts as an optical transmitter and receiver.
The light is then converted back into audio, the crystal potentially acts as a transceiver.


An electro-magnetic technology turning audio into an electromagnetic field and then this field is detected and converted back into audio.


A technology that generates electrical white noise, it can mix this with live audio via a microphone and can mix in a generated high frequency.
Various sections of this technology can be adjusted or disabled for a wide verity of experimental settings

PX 10

This is a multi-purpose EMF instrument, it is equipped with a 10 LED display, variable sensitivity controls, audio amplifier, microphone, external sensor and record sockets. Can be used with a plasma ball for EVP type experiments.

HYBRID (steam-punk)
Optical/crystal/electro-magnetic audio system
This combines two energy carrier technologies - light and an electro-magnetic field.
This is a voice to light, quartz crystal, light to voice and voice to electro-magnetic field and back to voice.
The quartz crystal is surrounded by the electro-magnetic field carrying audio and light, it is transmitted into the crystal carrying audio, both have relative sensors and audio amplifiers. There is also a phase change adjustment circuit, potentially adding a time distortion within the audio transition through technology.
I hope the crystal light/wire EM field combination will interact and become an energy transformer and allow contact with the spirit world

On holiday in Cornwall recently I visited Bodmin Jail to meet with an old friend Mark Rabin the paranormal events organiser their.
During a night-time vigil an impromptu procedure brought together the EM EVP and the QUANTUM EVP in close proximity, I had not previously used to two together.
During a vigil on the lower levels of the jail something new happened an audio interaction between the two machines sound was slowly shifting between the two.
Although throughout the vigil, the usual hoped for voices were not heard, the following day a visitor to the jail heard voices from behind a locked door of a cell, where we held a vigil the previous night.
This inspired me to design and build the HYBRID.

A range of new lighting technology to allow a camera, video camera or the eyes on an investigator so 'see something' because our eyes can't see in the dark, we need light so lets use something different.

Most investigators relay on flash photography or infrared night vision camcorders.
The flash from a still camera is a large burst of high intensity light containing all normal visible colours, in my view this light in the usable range for the camera is too bright, harsh and contains too many colours (frequencies) of light.

Camcorder based infrared lighting is a continuous beam of light, in my view at the wrong end of the colour spectrum, but when it is pulsed at high frequency then it has a greater potential to illuminate 'more'.

To try to improve lighting for paranormal investigation I have built several systems, the technology includes variable frequency, pulsed and analogue drive systems.

Pulsing light gives it impact and energy in a similar way to a hammer action drill. Varying the frequency, adds a wide range of experimental procedures.

I also use sound to generate vibrations in light.

Mixing several frequencies within the driver technology can create chaotic or noisy light, deliberately creating several frequencies improves the potential of finding a frequency in resonance with the illusive spirit world and therefore illuminating a ghost.

My LED lighting can be used with camcorder/video and still photography.


This uses two modes -
1, manual frequency
2, Auto frequency sweep - A recycling sweep/ramped pulsed frequency

There are individually selectable colours - Red, Green, Blue, and Ultraviolet LEDs selectable at the operators discretion.
Can also drive larger infrared and ultraviolet LED light units.
For use with still cameras, camcorders and personal observation.


As above and it can drive two high power IR lights.
The LEDs are mounted in two pods that can be driven in phase, opposing phase and out of phase.
It also contains a LED display built-in light meter

Audio Modulated Lighting - Music and sound become light

I have built several LED light systems that use sound to create vibrations in light using specially selected pre-recorded music to generate complex wave forms, these are rich in harmonic vibrations that become light.
Music tracks can be generated from a MP3 player, CD player or computer.
I can also use a laptop computer to generate audio waveforms, these can be manually selected frequencies and tones.

There are a number of 'spiritual' sounds and frequencies that can be used - a singing bowl, a cathedral choir, charka related frequencies, chant, the notes of the 'Ancient Lost Solfeggio' or a musical chord known as 'The Lost Chord'.

Any of several colours - red, green, blue, ultraviolet or infrared LED light can be selected, this technology can be used with still cameras and camcorders in daylight or 0 lux night vision mode.

Mono sound to light
As above but with red, orange, yellow, green, blue and pink light.

= video feedback loop

A system to project the 'live' image from a camcorder through a low power LED projector.

I have recently created a new optical interactive video and image projector, this works with either 'normal' coloured light, ultraviolet or infrared light, modulated by digital pulsed lighting or analogue (music or frequency) modulated lighting.
A camcorder becomes an image sensor/detector and recorder of events, this image is re-projected live by a LED projector mounted close to the camcorder, which in turn is once again is detected by the camcorder.
This system becomes an image intensifier/amplifier but in the form of a projected image visible to all people present and a video camera.
Theory - any object seen or un-seen (by the human eye) will be projected back into the field of the camcorder by the projector, which will then be re-amplified and further illuminated.

An experimental technology, a three colour system with manual intensity control,
digitally increasing illumination in a rotating pattern which also controls the intensity.
It creates a digital vortex of light.
The frequency is within the audio range and the system can be used with a light to sound sensor to allow experiments in reflected light responses, any reflections from the light could be heard as sound.
Colours used are red, green and blue.

Energy Field Experiments

Future experiments will involve turning sound into an electro-magnetic field using a plasma ball to create a spiritual energy sphere to complement light also modulated by sound.
This will create a vibrating energy sphere - results as yet unknown.

(Lasers must be used responsibly)

A set of low power lasers mounted on a tripod with adjustable direction settings able to create an area of high energy light for personal observation and camera recording.
This equipment would be very useful for long corridors where 'paranormal events' are reported such as Hampton court long gallery
This requires patience and observation vigilance by an investigator and an opportunity to record on video and still image anything illuminated by the beams.
Lasers project a high intensity light which will illuminate dust in a dark location and offer an alternative illumination method.

Individual lasers offer opportunities for observation when used responsibly in smaller locations, individual lasers can be specifically placed to be visible for investigators, these can be used with still cameras and video recorders.
These can be arranged in a crisscross or grid formation covering a large or small room/location or several can be directed from the same point to directions as required.

Turbo Laser
A short range cone of rotating laser light projected from a small tripod mounted unit, this offers a short range observation for still camera and camcorder.

Laser break beam alarm

A small portable system that can give a trigger a tone alert or activate a still camera if a laser beam is broken

Active & Passive Light Sensor
A light emitter and sensor combined, it emits pulses of light either infrared or ultraviolet , any reflected response is indicated on a LED display or audio from a tone.

Any object within in range of the machine seen or unseen that can reflect light will register on the LED display and as an audio response. Its range is up to 3 meters.
The machine has adjustable sensitivity to allow for use in various conditions.
A unit was used by Robb Demarest on the American TV show Ghost Hunters International where responses were reported.

Energy change detection

The sentinel systems can detect changes in energy via various sensors, this can be an
electric field, magnetic field, physical vibration (piezo disk), quartz crystal, visible light, laser light intensity, a living plant or CCTV image change.

The sentinel has a centred 9 LED display indicating positive or negative energy change, some units have an audio tone generator driven by the energy change.

A Sentinel can act as an electronic trigger object, responding to low voltage energy around its sensor, (but not from physical contact). The LED display is visible to the investigators eye and a video camera.

Some of the units have remote sensors allowing the operator/observer to be at a distance from the monitored area.
The sentinel can be used to monitor the intensity of light of small laser, with the use of mirrors this can cover a large area and give an alert of change.
The system can trigger a still camera in response to an energy change and can remain on standby for extended periods.

Several sentinel units exist as single channel, dual channel and a four channel units.
The S2 GXL contains a low resolution LED oscilloscope built-in.

S2 E is a dual channel version with an extended remote sensor lead, this unit can trigger a still camera and digital lighting unit.

The S4 is a four channel version with event activation counters, extended remote sensors and can trigger a still camera and digital lighting.


PX 09

A 10 LED display 'EMF' type sensor with an audio amplifier, allowing any detected electromagnetic energy (within our audio range) to be heard.
A socket allows various external sensor coils to be tested.


A 10 LED display EMF' meter and audio amplifier with an adjustable frequency EMF generator. Built-in coils allow EMF generation within our audio range and above.
An external set of sensor/transceiver coils can be plugged to the system and used with a person as part of the sensor.
The PX 10 also has a microphone input to allow experiments with various microphones or other sound detection technology.
The system can generate an audio tone as an EM field and by listening to this EM field it can detect any interference of another locally generated EM field.

Both the PX units can be used in conjunction with a plasma ball to form an energy barrier - disturbance detector, they can also form an EVP system.
The electro-magnetic field from a plasma ball forming an energy carrier to be monitored as audio by the PX unit.

Light intensity change detector

A hand held unit uses a laser and light sensor in a enclosed area to detect any thing that changes the strength or intensity of the projected light within the enclosure.
To demonstrate the ability of the system it can detect moisture in a breath with the sensor area.
I theorise that if a ghost can be photographed (which I believe I have) then this unit could potentially detect its presence.