The Old Kings Head Chester - 20-8-14

I and my team have regular access for paranormal investigation at the Old Kings Head, Chester.

In difference to our usual format of investigation where we would spend time in unoccupied guest bedrooms, this night all the rooms were occupied.

So we used the rear function room for our evening investigation which is set back in the building from the main function room. We had temporally covered the emergency lighting as they were too bright, but the room was not in complete darkness, light from the roadside street lights provided subtle background light.

We had two guests with us who were staying in the building that night, the usual team that night was Vicki Randles, Richie Sheldrake, Stephen Russell and myself.

My preferred method of investigation is an attempt at 'live ' EVP' (Electronic Voice Phenomena), we use electronic audio equipment to try to hear voices from the spirit world.

I had arranged a range of audio devices as usual, these have various transceiver/sensor technologies in a hope of contact from the spirit world.
As is usual we 'open up' by introducing ourselves with our first names and in our own way inviting contact from the spirit world.

As is usual nothing happens straight away or on demand, we spend time in various conversations and 'calling out' in a hope of contact from the other side, this is quite normal.

On this night I had also setup my tripod mounted camcorder, still digital camera and a digital lighting system that can generate infrared, ultraviolet and blue light, all as a digitally modulated pulsing light.

We had held one vigil and after a break restarted, the audio machines had become more reactive, generating bursts of audio tone that sometimes become a vibrating tone, at these times I hope (but I do not guarantee) that the noise/tones are caused by spirit contact and always hope a voice from a spirit will come through.

At around 11pm noises were heard by those nearest the main function room, a thud and foot steps, at this point I stood up and began to take photographs using the blue and ultraviolet lighting.
From our position we knew if someone had entered the function room from the bar below as the noise from the doors and wooden floor generate there own unique sound, no-one had entered the outer function room.

The shutter speed is set for a 5 second exposure and the ISO is 800 this is to capture photographs in very low light without using the camera's flash.

The camera is tripod mounted to keep the camera still during the long exposure shot,
There is no background blur from camera shake.

The higher ISO setting has created the grainy images but this is accepted to allow use the camera in low light without flash.


The first photo (8878) captured the scene with nothing out of the ordinary on it, this is a control shot for comparison with later shots.

In photo two (8879) a feint round head and body shape begins to form on the right of the lit area.

In photo three (8890) Steve (Paradox Paranormal team) is now in the shot as he had wanted to investigate what had caused the sounds, he becomes a very important reference point in the photograph.
To Steve's left and our right a semi transparent figure can be seen this is not anyone I can identify, not staff or any of my team.

A couple of interesting points, Steve is blocking out the background window frame, indicating he is a solid figure, the figure to his left is partially transparent some of the background can be seen through it, but in other places it blocks the background.

Note - in the same photograph Steve is solid and the mystery figure is transparent at the same time.

In the image above there appears a semi transparent figure in the right of the frame, the figure in solid black on the left is Steve - part of the Paradox Paranormal investigation team.

We do not know what or who is the mystery figure.

Photograph 8892

Behind Fran, a guest staying in the pub, can be seen a dark shadow behind a chair to her left (our right)

Photograph 8894

In the main function room a dark figure can be seen, in my opinion it is torso shape but with no head or legs.
In the photograph there are tables with a bottle of water on one, there is also a row of chairs, the object appears to be on the chairs but behind the bottle of water.

I believe if I could find sponsorship to equip a broadcast quality camera (s) with my advanced lighting systems I could record a ghost clearly moving.

This would be a unique opportunity for a television production company to achieve a first.



The photographs were shot on a 8 MP tripod mounted camera with a shutter speed of 5 seconds exposure, the long exposure is to capture images in low light (near darkness) without flash.

The lighting system used at the time provides digitally modulated ultraviolet and blue light which could be the reason I captured the unexpected visitor, is it a Ghost ?

I have my own detailed observations about the mystery image, but as I do not want to influence peoples observations I have not printed here.

I am interested in other peoples thoughts.