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A seemingly contradictory statement
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20 - 05 - 2015

My Group and I have regular access to the Ye Old Kings Head in Chester for technology based paranormal investigations.

On this Wednesday evening I used a small car dash camera - a journey recorder.

It has a motion activated record mode and although it is not a sensitive camera in low light, this function is useful to allow the camera to be left alone in motion activated record mode.

I have not used this camera regally but decided on this night to use the camera.
I hade set the camera in the function room on the first floor, then we followed our usual routine of holding electronic séances in unoccupied guest rooms.

We held our vigils and left, when reviewing the recordings two days later I noticed a very short clip that had been motion activated, this has a very unusual, fast moving figure/object crossing the screen from left to right, stopping then returning to the centre of the shot.
A slight wobble can be seen and then the recording stops, the whole clip is only two seconds long with all the movement in the first second, on other recordings that evening the recordings lasted much longer before stopping.

Here is the original clip

I have slowed down and enhanced the clip to try to get a better view

To the best of my knowledge there was no-one (living) present, the clip is recorded with the camera in 'motion detection mode' - the camera only records when the is movement in its field of view.

I am interested in any thoughts about what has caused the automatically triggered recording

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