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Saturday 17-4-10

Optical communication extraterrestrial/UFO test with Keltic Ghost Club

The Quantum UFO system is an optical transmitter and receiver communication system.
It converts voice and audio into light and transmitted through an array of focused white LEDs.
The system also has an optical sensor to convert light back into an audio signal to potentially allow us to hear any response (if within our normal hearing range).
Unlike the passive radio telescopes used by SETI listening into deep space for radio signals, my system is active and passive, and is only intended as a short range optical transceiver. A new concept.

I had arranged to meet with members of keltic ghost club, a local paranormal investigation group I work with, also a friend Alan Yarwood.
I also asked Ed Edwards a friend and freelance cameraman to record the event but due to unforeseen circumstances was unable to attend.

We meet at the Bridge Inn and proceeded up to Summer hill trig point as arranged.
This event was the first time members of Keltic Ghost Club had seen the equipment, so there were explanations whilst setting up. A demonstration and an essential part of the setup procedure is when everything is assembled and working to use a separate optical microphone and amplifier.
A volunteer speaks into the microphone to transmit an optical signal, an independent optical microphone and amplifier then confirms and demonstrates the system is working by holding the 'optomic' in the beam of light, the resulting audio confirms and demonstrates the system is functioning.

Periodically throughout the transmission the system is tested in this way, and is a good demonstration when transmitting music in the light beam.

On the night of the 17th April 2010 there were no airplanes flying due to the volcanic ash in the atmosphere from Iceland, so I had hastily constructed an array of laser emitters that would also act as optical transmitters but in laser light, this was a one off opportunity as I would not usually use lasers due to the potential eye damage they could cause to eyes in a passing aircraft.
Both the lasers and the white LEDs were simultaneously used to send the signals into space.

As the system is capable of transmitting audio signals from a standard CD player, I had previously created a mathematically coded audio track on a CD, this was played into the system and transmitted.

The opportunity then followed for any of the assembled group to send there own message into space, which some did, included myself.
As an experiment three music tracks were transmitted through the system Angels - Robbie Williams, Calling occupants of interplanetary craft - The Carpenters and Dark side of the Moon - Pink Floyd, this has a serious aspect, transmitting the continually changing frequencies of audio tracks I hope would help any intelligent species the optical signal was not only new and unique but was coherent - a planned signal not random.

I had previously arranged to call a friend from Scotland Sara, we had previously meet on several paranormal events in Edinburgh Vaults. I asked Sara if she would like to transmit a message via mobile phone from Scotland into the optical transmitter, I called Sara and she spoke into the system from Scotland - perhaps another first for interstellar communication! Following reports would prove interesting.

Although the messages were recorded on camcorder, the picture quality is poor due to low Infrared lighting but the audio is clear, the recording will be kept for reference.
As we were leaving I asked everyone to be observant of the media and internet for any reported sightings.

Although it had become very cold for a while after I turned off the optical transmitter we the engaged in sky watching, I am not sure if anything extraterrestrial was seen but some light were seen, distant fireworks and shooting stars were seen but were of known origin.
We stayed until some of the group became unable to withstand the cold then called it a night, about an hour of observation.

The event was not advertised, only the people present new of it
Four days after the event I contacted the local radio station Dee FM (Chester) to ask if there had been any sighting reported to them - not at that point.

Jenny who was present on the night contacted me to say she had found several reported sightings in locations throughout Merseyside and North Wales, but one report stands out, a sighting was reported at Knightsbridge, Livingston, West Lothian, this is very close to where Sara lives and very close to the Falkirk triangle.
Is this coincidence? Or was there a bizarre connection on that night? to reiterate no one reporting a sighting that night knew of the test or locations involved. No one from Keltic Ghost club knew I had planned to call Sara and conduct that experiment.

Although not presently in my budget, an experiment I would like to conduct is to position an optical transmitter at each of the three points of the Falkirk triangle, linked by radio or mobile phone, transmit a synchronized signal & message,
what would the response be ?

Light can either be described as a wave or a particle in quantum physics and will (in theory) continue to travel indefinitely, messages transmitted on that night continues to travel as you read this.

The next transmission will also involve another phone linked message from a friend in Devon, Amy was the first person to transmit a message through the system year at Weird 09, she will be the first to replete the exercise and many more music tracks will be transmitted.

Pictures of the event

The clear night sky - with the moon and a star

Keltic Ghost club -
Migs, Stephen, Mira, Adrian, Jenny, Danny, Janet,
& friend Alan Yarwood

Me setting up
Setting up
Top tube is the reciever, bottom tube is the transmitter
The system
The light beam from the bottom tube
The laser array
The laser ( in darkness)
The control box
The system

The following reports were found that might relate the event

Thanks to Keltic Ghost club for there help




Future broadcasts are planned that might include live music from the Glastonbury festival

I am now waiting for another clear sky night.