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Active & Passive Light Sensor

The APLS started life as a light sensor, but as it is to be used in a totally dark location I realized it needed its own light source, pulsed ultraviolet and infrared LEDs were added for the light source.
The switchable LED's are pulsed so as to distinguish the emitted light from other external sources.

APLS is designed to detect and indicate the presence of an object able to reflect the projected pulsed light, responses are indicated on a LED display giving an optical response and from an audio tone generator which pulses relative to the proximity of an object, both change relative to light intensity change.
It will also indicate other external light sources.

When I added pulsing LED emitters it became a useful tool, the addition of switched ultraviolet and infrared allows various uses.
The ultraviolet light is a subtle, high energy light source for use when a low light is permissible.
The Infrared light is for use when an investigation is required in complete darkness ( a night shot camcorder can make use of this setting)

The APLS is potentially able to detect and illuminate unseen objects (to the naked eye) at up to approximately 5 meters.
The APLS can be used portably or stationary, and can monitor a varied range of external light sources

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