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A seemingly contradictory statement
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Digital Lighting

DL is a high frequency pulsed lighting system utilizing Blue, Ultraviolet and Infrared LED's (but any other colours can be used), it offer a new concept for photography and video recording .

The pulsed light give a concept of stop motion image capture, effectively freezing motion of any passing object, the led light being of lower intensity requires slow shutter speeds when used with still photography.

The individually switchable LEDs are a high energy monochromatic light source that can be selected as the user requires, mixing individual light colours gives a new alternative to flash photography.
Infrared LED's are included for use with night vision camcorders, but experimentally the coloured LED's can also be used with the camcorder

The electronics cycle through a range of frequencies to cover a wider potential of an as yet unknown frequency setting that will give a special photograph or video recording.
The system also has a manual frequency setting allowing the user further options to experiment.

Blue and ultraviolet are the parts of the colour spectrum I believe offer the greatest potential of capturing a 'paranormal' photograph or video recording.
Related to Quantum physics, this area of light contains the highest amount of energy, combined with highest natural frequency and is on the edge of our visual perception.

5 Colour Digital lighting

Stereo Digital Lighting

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