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A seemingly contradictory statement
that may nonetheless be true.

EMF METERS - My general thoughts

Most traditional EMF meters are designed to indicate the presence of a mains generated Electro-Magnetic Field by absorbing the combined pulsed, electric and magnetic field.
This is usually displayed on a moving coil needle meter or LED display.
Some require button to be held down constantly to work or no illumination system.
Although often used on paranormal investigations there very little information about why a they are relevant only the usual quote "an EMF meter is supposed to indicate the presence of a Ghost" ---- how?
Although I am open to proof I do not yet understand how a conventional EMF detector is supposed to detect a ghost or spirit.

The most recent and popular entry into the investigators kit, on occasion gives reactions on its 5 LED display, but it is difficult to then define an exact cause or use it for more comprehensive analysis of the cause.

For my research on paranormal investigation I use EMF detection equipment that has built in audio amplification to allow us hear the sound (if within our hearing range) the PX 09.
I have also experimentally added a self generating EM field - THE PX 10, this can be manually tuned to frequencies from within our hearing range to above.

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