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A seemingly contradictory statement
that may nonetheless be true.

'Live EVP' equipment
Experimental Spirit communication technology


When I am involved in an investigation I personally want to provide the maximum potential of vocal spirit communication.

My EVP equipment does not use channel skipping radio technology or computer selected pre-stored words/phonetics,
it is real time energy conversion.

It can work with or without a spirit communicator (medium) present, I prefer the presence of a medium to allow there ability to work with the equipment to complement each other.

The various equipment types can be used as main experimental procedure or as secondary monitoring system to another procedure

This unique experimental equipment converts voice into light through ultraviolet LEDs.
I have used UV light as it is the highest frequency/energy of visible light produced by conventional LEDs.
The light now containing our vocal audio is projected into Quartz crystal point which is now illuminated with 'audio light', this light can also 'leek' out of the transparent crystal into the surroundings.
An optical sensor picks up light from within the crystal, converts and amplifies it back into audio
This process converts our voice into the high frequency of UV light, into the crystal and back, but if there is another voice picked up by the microphone (perhaps not normally audible) or the crystal provides a new 'medium' to convert a communication energy
in the location, the conversion within the crystal might reveal it, it is possible that an external energy could influence the crystal directly to either convert 'energy' into sound or perhaps reveal a voice.
The crystal for its part is an optical resonator, capable of vibration and optical manipulation through the structure and fractures within, collecting or converting optical energy with the aid of the electronics.

Electro-Magnetic EVP
An earlier version of the above and still used, influenced by the technology of early EVP recordings it utilizes an electro-magnetic conversion/mixing of audio.
Converting spoken audio into a magnetic field, a magnetic field sensor then converts it back into audio, several conversion coils are switchable to allow experiments.
Experiments still continue to refine this technology as the potential with this EM is not yet complete, several new machines are planned.

White Noise EVP
White noise is the audio static heard on an out of tune radio, this can be used as an electro-magnetic energy.
Another new experimental system, mixing spoken audio with an internally generated electronic 'white noise', this involves electronic mixing and electro-magnetic mixing.

Quantum Crystal EVP

Electro-Magnetic EVP
Early EVP system

Prototype White Noise EVP

There are several further EVP experimental systems planned

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