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A seemingly contradictory statement
that may nonetheless be true.


(This equipment can only be used by/with approved persons).
This technology is an experiment in generating low frequency sound and light simultaneously.

It is a three channel sound generator that also drives red, green and blue LED's, an audio amplifier drives a bass speaker.

As it is adjusted to the users preference, humming, chanting or chanting sounds can be pseudo-simulated within the interacting harmonics and frequencies, this can have a soothing/relaxing effect on persons present.

When used in an enclosed stone chambers the sound becomes a feeling, not inducing a haunting experience, but a very good feeling of well being

It has been expressed by respected friends that if this is used during a paranormal investigation, that this system will not only help them tune into spirit communication but might also supply energy for he spirit world or attract spiritual attention.
It appears to have a calming effect favourable under certain conditions to increase the potential of spirit contact.

In the hands of a spirit communicator or Medium using the system along with the live EVP technology, there is an added potential/opportunity of a spiritual communication experience.

Harmoniser Mk 2 exists

Harmoniser Mk 1

The black box is the harmoniser control, to the left is a crystal ball mounted on a small speaker, above is the bass speaker

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