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A seemingly contradictory statement
that may nonetheless be true.


The safe use of low power lasers used sensibly can provide unique lighting usable for still and video cameras.
Individual mini tripod mounted lasers can be placed as desired and observed, a multi laser stand and a frequency modulated control system brings a new experimental illumination potential. They are light, portable and battery powered.

One of many single lasers in use

The following video caught 'objects' moving along the beam towards me, whilst the people seated at a table to my right were holding a séance, the man seated nearest me noticed 'cold' as an object passed him, I had said nothing about what I could see.

Turbo laser

This is an experimental system that produces a short range 'cone' of laser light, this is usable by still photography and video a camera, recent experiments also include modulating the laser with frequency generated signals and audio/sound, producing vibrations within the light. It has the potential to illuminate a larger object passing through the laser cone.


Multi laser stand/array

This is a tripod platform holding 6 lasers, all are direction adjustable to point in various directions.
The adjustment will allow the lasers to cover a straight line with all lasers or to cover a wide field by setting the lasers in a wide angle.
An electronic control system allow the lasers to be pulsed at various frequencies to add a further experimental potential.

5 lasers on upright stand

Typical examples of experimental set-up using stand mounted lasers

Laser break beam alarm

A laser and sensor technology that can cover a large range/distance with a low power laser beam, if the beam is broken a short alert tone is emitted.
The laser emitter and the sensor/detector are separate items, the detector is equipped with adjustable sensitivity
If the location is suitable the use of several mirrors can create a perimeter guardian system. If a location was suitable, a perimeter beam reflected by mirrors within a room would also form an observation opportunity of interference or interaction within the beam.
Although not included yet, this system it could trigger a digital camera to take a picture if the beam is broken.

Laser break-beam reciever
Break-beam room -- cross barrier
Break-beam perimeter guardian

Rotary Arc Laser
(under construction)

A new system generating a flat disk of laser light that can be angled from horizontal to vertical.
It is designed to create a wall of light to be monitored be a CCTV system and investigator observers.
Any 'difficult' to see, semi-solid object passing through the light could be illuminated.

Several lasers will be used to produce a layered light 'cross sections' across a room or along a corridor.

Although this will have limited range due to the use of low power lasers it will be a new method of illumination to provide new opportunities for personal observation, video camera and still photography.

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