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A seemingly contradictory statement
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PX 09 EMF detector

The PX 09 follows a similar detection principal as conventional meters with a few advanced features, most importantly it contains an audio amplifier.
A 10 LED signal strength display gives a greater resolution in response to a detected signal.

The audio amplifier allows us to hear (if within our hearing range) the sound of a detected Electro-Magnetically signal.
It is fitted with a large sensor coil for greater sensitivity.

A socket for an external sensor coil has been included to allow alternative detection coils to be used at a distance from the meter.

It also contains a tone generator, which in response to a high frequency EMF perhaps beyond our hearing, generates an increasing tone, this allows the system to give an alert to our ears and our eyes

If the PX 09 is placed near a known EMF (ie a mains appliance) the user can test and hear a mains 50 Hz EMF or any other energy interacting with the experiment.
The PX 09 can also be used in conjunction with a Plasma ball, which generates a large Electro-Magnetic field, to form an energy field disturbance sensor.
It is also possible this system will detect lighting, which emits a large EM pulse as it strikes, further experiments in this field are planned.

PX 10

A departure from conventional EMF meters the PX 10 brings a new concept to investigation and detection.

The PX 10 generates its own Electro-Magnetic field and is able to indicate any disturbance in the field.
The field generator has a variable frequency control and variable field strength output control

The EM sensor amplifier is equipped with an adjustable level control, this allows the sensitivity to be adjusted or the sensor to be turned off if required.

It also has a detachable microphone with adjustable sensitivity control and allows the microphone to be turned off if required. An external microphone can also be used if required.
The supplied microphone is deliberately mounted close to the EM field to potentially detect an EVP in or around the EM field.

The EM emitter and sensor are mounted in extension pods with a gap in-between each to allow the equipment to probe into an area of suggested activity or indicated presence.

The higher (than usual) resolution 10 LED display responds to activity from either the microphone or the EM sensor.

The general concept is to test for interference in the internally generated EM energy field rather than trying to detect an EM field supposedly generated by a ghost or spirit.

During a baseline test if the internally generated EM field frequency is set within our hearing, and the PX 10 is brought into another EM field a hybrid tone will be heard, giving an investigator an alternative and sensitive method of detection.

Two sockets allow external sensor coils to be used, this is allow experiments in the stone tape theory, placing transmitter and sensor coils, and an external microphone in close proximity to the stone structure of a building.
Will the energizing EM field create a response from the microphone or the EM sensor?

In a similar use this will also adapt to stone circle and burial chamber experiments, testing for EM responses from within an ancient and sacred stone?

Only time will tell !!!!!!!!!!!!!

The PX 10 can also be used with a Plasma ball (as with the PX 09), when placed near the plasma ball an EM energy field can be detected and any disturbance in that field will be indicated, and as the PX 10 incorporates a microphone any unusual audio phenomena could be heard.
The PX 09/10 could be adapted to take activate a camera to take a picture, triggered by a signal above a preset level. (this is not included at present)


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