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A seemingly contradictory statement
that may nonetheless be true.

Quantum UFO
A Paradox-UK-SETI experiments

Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence based in the USA have spent millions of dollars searching for radio signals and evidence of life in space - with little results.
Could they be listening in the wrong way? Should they be 'looking' for signals?

I have conducted experiments using voice to light technology to transmit vocal messages I into space on clear sky nights, using multy LEDs emitters focused by a magnifier lens.

The system also incorporates an optical receiver, this can convert light signals into audio (within our hearing range), an independent optical microphone and amplifier can also be used at this time.
Data signals could also be transmitted and received with minimal modifications, recording of vigils/sky watches would also be desirable.
The system is not designed for deep space transmission and reception, although the light will continue to travel, my intended target range is between our atmosphere and the moon.

The system can also transmit signals through low power lasers allow a more focused signal beam, but only used under controlled conditions.
The system can transmit sound from a microphone, pre-recorded CD or a computer generated sound.

Experiments are conducted periodically and as weather conditions allow.

Equipment test setup

Night time test
The beam lighting trees

Transmissions from Wales
Transmitter and reciever
The assembled group on the North Wales hillside

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