The Art Chester

The process allows photographs to become art-like images through software.
Not having a gift to draw or paint this is my art form.

I am interested in working with business, advertising or image production as the processes can be applied to most photographic subjects.


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Orignal photo-shere photograph

Photo painting altered version

























Photographs taken using Spectral Lighting
This is a custom built, multi colour, portable LED lighting system for creating coloured photographs shot in darkness. I do not use Photoshop to create any images, all the 'effects' are created at the time of the shot.

The 'unusual' ghostly images are created 'in camera' at the time of the shoot by various methods and lighting.

Llanrhaeadr (Tan-y-Pistyll) Waterfall
- Visit two

Illumination of water splash from a bolder

Taken by moving a submersible lighting head and switching and mixing the colours with the aid of assistant Stephen Russell

Cemetery in Infrared

Llanrhaeadr (Tan-y-Pistyll) Waterfall near Oswestry

Re-colouring the waterfall


Ye Old Kings Head Chester

Thanks to Jamie Wilson ( in armour) and the owner Harry Achilleos who now has trouble entering his pub

Also a good location for a ghost hunt
But will you be alone?

Plas Teg

Taken using colour lighting and reflections in a mirror

...................Taken using lighting behind the head to back light hair

Using various colours lit from below

Taken in a grave yard, various colours and lighting positions

When the lighting is from a distance it creates a black uncluttered background, focusing more attention on the model or subject

Colours of the Knight - Jamie a friend with a suit of armour. the armour casts reflections from the stainless steel.

Thanks to Emma, Melissa and Jamie for modelling and Cornelia Bayley for the use of Plas Teg

Still Motion
Using coloured or white LED lighting a technique for capturing ghostly movement in a still image

Emma - posing for Still Motion experiments,
Taken using variable length exposures as Emma dances across the field of view of the camera leaving ghostly trails of light

Emma - multi images of her arms by switching the lighting

Taken using LED candles, this captures light trails of movement in a continuous capturing movement

Continuous exposure shots using switched colours and various positions of Carl (the subject)

Creating Atmosphere
Using background, props, lighting and imagination to create moody images
Shot at Plas Teg

Cotton Abotts Farm

Shot in a farm barn after a new year's party.
The leftover seating and fixtures adapt well to become props for these atmospheric photographs, I also used colour filtered LED lighting around the room.

Shot at a natural rocky enclave in the North Wales hills, the use of fire creates a warm glowing atmosphere.

Changing to colour filtered LED background lighting changes the atmosphere and the temperature of the light

Natural fire

Shot in a woodland garden the use of props and small coloured LED lighting,
together with the unusual fixed props make interesting backgrounds

During a shoot in Chester I found a shop who leaves the lights on at night, just ask the girls to pose and ------

Light Painting
I have assembled a range of LED lighting equipment designed for free movement to create art in light.
LEDS can also be attached to the body to record movement and dance in darkness

LED Illuminated water spray


Illuminated waterfall
Some of the lighting heads are waterproof to allow submersion in water to illuminate water from within


Focused Beam lighting
Using magnifying glass light can be focused to illuminate a greater distance in gardens and woodland

Magical enchanted atmosphere

The girls about the old town

Posing on Plas Teg's 400 year old carved staircase

Artistic composure -
Computer assisted painted photographic imagery

Emma orignal
Mel orignal  

Photo Painting
Artistic techniques - oil painting, watercolour, pencil, pastel, impasto, airbrush, gothic oil painting and fauvist oil painting
generated by software and myself, applied to a photograph to produce an image in the style of the old masters,
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Gothic style Photo-Painting images of Chester


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