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A seemingly contradictory statement
that may nonetheless be true.


This will be similar to the first event held last year, an opportunity for you to come along and test for yourself,
if you can affect objects with the power of your mind.

Sensors will include -
Magnetic field, can you emit a magnetic field?
Electric field, can you emit an electric field?
Quartz crystal vibration energy, can you cause a crystal to vibrate?
Piezo vibration sensor, senses pure vibration
A living plant, can you interact with a living plant?

The sensitive equipment shows an instant response on a LED display, some have an audio response.

Some additional tests will also be available-
The zener card mind reading test -
an adapted and advanced from the original 70's tests, this will be held in groups.

A Phychometry test -
A special object will be available for you to touch and hold to try to sense any feeling or energy from it.
Individual thoughts about the object can be recorded and known facts about the object will be later revelled.

Sound/colour test -
Can certain audio sound frequencies influence the mind to 'see' a colour associated with that frequency?
Can a group of people, all listening to the same sound 'see' the same colour?


Psychokinesis trials at Spirit shop
Chester 14/1/06

I have always been interested in the possibility that human beings could influence objects by the power of the mind. Although much research has been conducted over the years by people with greater recourses than myself , I have found few reports of validated, recorded evidence or conclusive methods or equipment for testing for psychokinesis.
I realised with the sensitivity and flexibility of the Sentinel systems and new types of sensor (and a some lateral thinking) tests for psychokinesis were possible.

The owners of Spirit, a spiritual-esoteric shop and healing centre in Chester, kindly allowed me to use there meeting room to begin experimental tests for psychokinesis using a number of electronic sensor systems.
The invitation was for anyone who came along to try to cause a reaction in any of the various sensors by mind power only. The result is shown on a clearly visible led display.

The various sensors are designed to detect electric fields, magnetic fields, vibrations and crystal vibration/piezo effect.

The Sentinel 4, Sentinel 2, Sentinel 2e and the sentinel GXL were used as the control and display systems.
A galvanic skin response (GSR) meter with optical display and audio tone output was also connected to a 'dragon' plant to form an organic sensor.

Approximately 15 people tried the tests with varying results, some with no reactions, some with 1 or 2 reactions and some with several repeatable responses.
Most people said they could only try for short time and some felt tired or drained afterwards, but with no lasting effects.

The event was deliberately relaxed and informal.
The relaxed approach was designed to put people at ease and under no pressure to perform. No predefined instructions were given on how to cause a reaction, and recording of results was limited to note taking and a short video recording.

In this first trial for the visitors and myself, I was primarily interested in discovering if a reaction could be made on the sensors, as this was their first test, and mine.

People were asked to influence the sensors in any way they wanted, except touching the sensor, results were clearly visible to the participant and observers on the led display.

All the test systems used during the trials can be reconfigured to the same set up for the next trial and any sensor can be connected to any control box.
Sensors were randomly selected for the control systems and set out in the four corners of the room.

Reactions from the sensors.
Several people able to increase the mains field through there body into the single quartz crystal.
One person could create a slight response from the magnetic field sensor, the same person could project a large electric charge into a crystal.
One person got a slight response from the electric field sensor.
One person got responses from crystals and electric field sensors.
One person could get a response only from the plant.
No one got responses from all the sensors.

Reactions on the displays.
One person emitted an 'energy charge' into the sensor that overloaded the control box, but then slowly dissipated & the display returned to normal.
An increase in numbers of leds lit on the display was an ability shown by several people, indicating an ability to allow the surrounding mains field to flow more freely through the body at will.
A slow controlled movement of one led on the display in a specified direction was shown by one person and demonstrated several times.

The plant had been set up in its own area surrounded by seating. It would respond to some people when they moved their hand near (but not touching) whilst it would not respond to other people.
It also appeared to give brief responses to parts of conversations and appeared to like some people and not others , this was evident from the change in tone from the GSR unit.
The reactions from the plant has given me a greater interest to carry out further research in this area .

The plant and crystals are also used regularly on paranormal investigations and
later that night at Plas Teg, I set up the Sentinel 4 system with the plant attached as a sensor as I have done on previous occasions. The plant however would not respond as it usually had during the set up procedure.
Despite changing the connections and contact pads to the plant it would not respond.
I removed the plant from the system and replaced it with crystals, which later triggered the system to capture orbs on my digital camera.


This was the first time I had held a trial of this type and it was not intended as a controlled scientific experiment.
It was designed to answer two questions:-

(1) Can the sensors and systems I had designed and built, detect and demonstrate the human ability of psychokinesis.

(2) Can the volunteers cause an effect that can be defined as psychokinesis.

I believe I can answer yes to both.

Results from the day lead me to believe there are grounds for further research using this equipment.
I have further work to complete on several new sensors, when time and budget will allow. Both are in short supply.
Other types of organic sensor are also planned.
I hope to schedule another trial soon.

Your comments are welcome.

Pictures from the day:-

GXL + Quartz Crystal
Sentinel 2 + Magnetic sensors

Sentinel 2E + 2 Crystal sensors
Sentinel 4 + Crystals & Electric field sensors

Relaxed environment

The dragon plant + GSR machine


On a recent visit to Plas Teg I used the opportunity to set up a small PK experiment, as some of CPS members were interested in trying the test.
The equipment used was the Sentinel GXL and the single quartz point.
Initially a crowd gathered around while several people tried the test, but the conditions were far from ideal and results were limited. Gill from CPS did achieve a small reaction after prolonged concentration but unavoidable distractions disturbed her. Other people also achieved varying results.
A little later I had set another test away from the first set up. An audio tone generator -infrared transmitter and receiver is linked to crystal as a sensor. As I was explaining this experiment to two interested people I noticed Rachel and Danny were left on their own with the GXL and crystals.
In later conversations I found they had both been able to get a reaction from the system, Danny more than Rachel. This had happened while there were only five people now left in the room and conditions had become more relaxed (even in a haunted house!). They were under no pressure to perform or show results to anyone other than to themselves.


If someone practiced regularly with the equipment, could PK ability be learned, developed or enhanced.
Can a biofeedback/psychokinetic learning experience take place ?

Anyone using the equipment receives direct optical or audio feedback - if they are able to influence the sensor during practice they receive an instant response.
This could lead to a conscious or subconscious psychokinetic learning experience?.

After first learning to influence a sensor, the sensitivity if the equipment could be gradually reduced and continued practice could strengthen the PK ability?.

As we are often told we are not using all of our full brain potential, is PK a part of that we are not yet using?

Comments are welcome.


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