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A seemingly contradictory statement that may nonetheless be true.

The Paradox Psychic Quest

How often are you told are you psychic ? How do you know?
It is often said we all have Psychic ability whether we are aware of it or not.
Many people believe in it or believe they have it,
How can we be sure? How can we develop

Have you got a psychic ability I can detect and confirm?

Traditionally psychic development usually consists of guided visualizations and meditation. Perhaps we need something new.

I don't teach Psychic ability - I help you develop yours

It is sometimes quoted 'we do not use all of our brain's potential', is this program a way to try to open that potential?

The program cannot not teach you how to be psychic but I believe it can not only allow you to discover if you have a gift, and whether initially successful or not, at what ever level you are at, with regular practice and training I believe it can potentially begin, develop or enhance your abilities. It is not competitive or challenging it is experimental research where you are the result.

In my work on developing equipment for paranormal investigation I have two requirements - to be interactive and technology based results, I have applied this to the exploration of Psychic ability .
Those able to demonstrate specific abilities will have an option to join the Paradox Paranormal Research Organization.

At the initial Paradox Psychic event, there will be an introduction and explanation of 'Psychic' terminology, this be will followed by group and individual events.

Self testing and real-time results from new experimental technology will allow measurable, recordable, visible results of your potential to increase your ability.

The event procedures/exercises will involve -

1- ESP Extra Sensory Perception test -
Pertaining to - Telepathy, Mediumship, Card divination, Clairvoyance, Empathic sensitivity, psychic detection
The ability to tune into someone else's thoughts or transmit your thoughts to someone else - sensing a mind image.
A new procedure with Zener cards, an established test method to test for a connection between a sender and receiver. A new faster procedure with results at the end of the procedure.
Repeatable at the end of the event to compare results for any potential improvement and providing the first route to achieving improvement.

2 - Psychokinesis
Pertaining to - Reiki Healing, Clairvoyance, Psychic protection(yourself and others), house clearing (by proving to yourself you can project an affirmation)
The term psychokinesis from the Greek "psyche", meaning mind, soul, heart, or breath; and "kinesis", meaning motion, movement; literally "mind-movement"

Using unique micro sensing technology and sensors, several tests will allow you to try to affect various sensors as you think at them in any way you want to.
(on the workshop course further guidance will be given)
You will now see and hear any effect you can make on any of several types of sensor, these include electric field, magnetic field, physical vibration , vibration of quartz crystal to create an electric field (the piezo effect), effect laser or blue light.
If successful the technology is able to give an instant response, potentially strengthening the ability through biofeedback - an automatic conscious or subconscious learning ability
Can you effect a sensor you cannot see?

3 - Mind to mind image transfer
Pertaining to - Mediumship, clairvoyance, Intuition, Telepathy, Aura reading, Empathic sensitivity, Psychic detection, Card divination
a- As performed by Uri Geller a chosen person would a simple produce a simple drawing, the assembled participants would try to replicate the drawing as the sender (the artist) attempts transmit the image.
b - Emotion generating images, what is the image a sender can see? What is its emotional image? What can you visually sense?
c - A selection of photos of old objects, locations, people, buildings. What can the sender see? Retro cognition seeking information of the past - past life regression

4 - Psychometry
Pertaining to - Extra Sensory Perception, Intuition, Empathic sensitivity, Psychic detection, Mediumship
An object may have an energy field that transfers knowledge regarding that its history, place or signicant events.
a - When holding an object what can you sense from it?
b - Can you sense something from an object covered from your view? (in a box)

5 - Random Event Generator (REG)
Can you individually or in a group stop or control the movement of a randomly moving LED display by 'thinking' at its controlling micro electronics?

6 - Light and Sound projection
Pertaining to - Charka sensing-balancing, Clairaudience, Aura reading, Reiki healing
A system to transmit a harmonic resonance of sound and colour in light in Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and violet.
a - By holding your hands over the vibrating light can you can sense or feel a physical sensation relating the sound/colour.
b - Next a set of covered - coloured cards, can you sense a vibration of the un-seen colour?
c - Can you listen to a pure musical note and see a colour?
The system will help you sense the colour of sound and the sound of colour, to attune the senses for Aura reading/balancing, Charka sensing and balancing and other colour and sound related work

7 -Dowsing rods
Pertaining to - Aura reading, Psychic detection
A personal detection system, can be used to find water or other subsurface materials, they can also be used on paranormal investigation to attempt to contact and communicate with the spirit world.
Dowsing rods are an extension of your surrounding energy field, able to indicate a change, they are both spiritual and physical, they are solid objects reacting to your spiritual/psychic energy field.

8 - Light a particle or a wave can you effect it?
Pertaining to - Reiki Healing
a - Projected laser or blue light into a quartz crystal will produce a measurable electrical effect can you disrupt or change that result?
b - projecting laser or blue light at its resonant frequency into quartz crystal, can you effect it?

Mediumship can gain a new experience on my Paranormal events working with the 'Live EVP' technology.

The above procedures have the potential to indicate to the person or group results in real time rather than be told of a result later - positive re-enforcement through visible results.
All practices contribute the a greater awareness, sensitivity and general enhancement of all Psychic subjects.
You might find you have a preferred subject on which you will wish to focus upon, or you can continue to practice training on all exercise subjects for a greater diversity in abilities.
The subjects are complementary - push/pull exercises - transmitting and receiving energy/information


Assessment will be partly through self analysis's of results, results recorded through technology will provide a progressive learning experience.

The brain is a complex, connected, learning organ with a potential to continue to learn all of its life, by demonstrating an ability in any of the above procedures I speculate other related activities will improve (but only time will tell)

Psychic/mental exercises are designed to exercise an ability, the more you accomplish with exercise then the ability becomes easier and more useful.
I believe with regular practice of the above procedures it could lead to greater ability in your chosen area of Psychic skill - Reiki, Spiritual healing, Mediumship/spirit communication, channelling, card reading, counselling, Aura reading, Telepathy, Intuition, Precognition, Perception, or other everyday skill.
I strongly believe that an awakening or enhancing of psychic ability will have a positive effect on other 'normal' life activities.
You could become more 'attuned or efficient' to your chosen subject or area of interest or work.

The project has been conceived through my years of working with genuine 'spiritually aware/gifted people', who believe in there gift and continually seek answers about it, they are generally not satisfied with answers generally given by main stream science.
(the earth is not flat, the earth does not rotate around the sun, x-rays do exist even though we cannot see them etc)
My continuing interest in the subject has lead me to develop new technology for paranormal and psychic research, one day this will be acknowledged by science.

As part of the training/exercise/workshop/development program I would include group discussions of gathered like minded people (the 100th monkey-ing), talks by people with specific subject skills, and conduct daytime field trips to 'spiritual/sacred' locations,
daytime and night time paranormal investigation


To create the Paradox Academy of Psychic Science
To find people with real Psychic ability
To provide recordable and repeatable test procedures
To prove conventional science wrong
To use technology to clearly demonstrate if an ability has been used
To create a development/teaching program to help people enhance their ability
To create a paranormal investigation group to include technically warranted Psychics and new technology.


Can a master of Martial Arts, focus 'Chi' a body spirit energy and effect my technology?

Can the energy field emitted from a plasma ball become effected by thought ?

Can children do better than adults on psychic tests?

Can a blind person effect technology or sense something from an object in a Psychometry test?

During the 70's there was a peak in recent psychic testing, but this was limited by test procedures and technology of that time.
More relevant micro-electronics and sensors could revile mankind's long sought after mysterious ability - real psychic ability.
I have created new technology and procedures that I believe can unlock secrets.

Contact me for further details

This is an experimental project/event, for legal reasons (at present) is titled as entertainment.

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