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A seemingly contradictory statement
that may nonetheless be true.

My current projects

All my research is self funded and financially limited,
if any of my projects are of commercial interest or otherwise contact me for a discussion.

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It is well known that our energy producing natural resources - natural gas, coal, oil are rapidly being depleted whilst demand grows.
The devastating earthquake in Japan and subsequent damage of their nuclear reactors highlight the dangers of atomic technology.
There is now an ever greater need for more clean - renewable energy and generating energy from the tide has not yet been successfully mastered.

Unlike solar and wind renewable energy that varies with atmospheric change (weather), tidal energy is constant and although the height of tidal rise and fall will affect energy production it is regular and predictable.

I believe I have identified ways of harnessing energy from the rise and fall of the tide without the need of an estuary barrier or floating devices.
I have several ideas to use the rise and fall of the tide and the use of gravity to create electrical energy.
From these ideas I have recently envisaged 'A Tidal Gravity Engine', a method of creating continual motion to drive a generator.
Although conceptual, if successful this technology will be almost completely environmentally friendly, have relatively low visual impact, without the need for an environmentally un-friendly estuary barrage.
It would have minimal visual impact
The return from investment in this project would not only be very financially rewarding but would play a major role in global energy production and contribute significantly to a cleaner atmosphere.
This system would complement present 'conventional' energy production and renewable energy systems and contribute the ever growing need for clean electrical energy, not an alternative for nuclear energy but as with the contribution from wind and solar energy production it would reduce the need for 'less clean' energy production.
This idea is well suited to use here in the UK as it is rich in coastline, but it will also have world wide appeal.
STATUS - awaiting time to begin construction of prototype design

2 - X-SKI

A new concept in small leisure craft, similar in principal and size to a conventional Jet Ski but with a new innovative steering control system.

The X-Ski incorporates a new and unique concept for steering on a small water craft - a dual lever control & thrust system, it will allow the rider to have more control of the craft by controlling two individual thrust nozzles, to give new multi directional thrust control and rapid response to the rider.

The craft will be a new fun vehicle to operate allowing a new range of manoeuvres and stunts. A new hull shape to complement the control system will contribute to the new manoeuvres envisaged.

Although initially envisaged for this small craft, it could be scaled up to larger craft for commercial uses.
STATUS - proof of technology concept proven, UK Patent application applied for, scale model under construction.


This system is designed to increase fuel efficiency by introducing a small amount of hydrogen into a car engine combustion system, the hydrogen would be produced on the car/vehicle from water through electrolysis.

In the present climate of the rising cost of fuel, more efficient transport and the changing environment caused by pollution on the planet on which we live - we need to change something.
To counter the rising cost of fuel and the growing need for ever cleaner exhaust emissions, a hydrogen mixture introduced with the air/petrol mixture will increase MPG and reduce exhaust emissions by creating a more efficient combustion within the engine.

An electronic on-demand regulation/production system controlled by engine speed will produce hydrogen from water on a motor car, it does not use stored hydrogen.

The gas inducted into the combustion system; it contributes to reducing pollution emissions by increased fuel burn efficiency of petrol and possibly diesel fuel.
This is not a 'Run a car on water' experiment it is designed to allow greater burn efficiency of existing fuel.

This technology could be made relatively small to be fitted in the engine compartment of motor cars, safety systems would be included to ensure safe use.
This technology is greatly needed to reduce fuel running costs and more importantly to integrate into others areas of energy use to help combat global climate change through reduced atmosphere changing emissions.

This technology could be adapted into many other fuel burning technologies - generators, ships, trains to further reduce co2 emissions and reduce running costs.
STATUS - Prototype under construction


I have been inspired to do these experiments by work conducted by NASA who are using related LED lighting technology on space shuttle missions and on the space station, this technology would potentially be included in future long duration missions into space to provide long term food supply.

An experiment to supplement existing sunlight with light of specific colour of light most favourable to increase plant growth and crop yield by supplementing with energy giving light.

The experimental use modulated light is based on two principals -
1, Anecdotally talking to plants is said to be favourable to plant growth, talking to a plant would cause a subtle but physical vibration on a plant leaf from sonic vibrations impacting on a leaf, causing movement in the light falling on the leaf.
2, Vibrations from one source can have an effect on an unrelated material in close proximity - microwaves heating food (the photo electric effect UV light on metal)

Modulating light with sound is a new experimental growing procedure concept
in enhancing photosynthesis and increase crop yield without genetic modification.

A small scale experiment is underway using two colours and low frequency modulation, the vibrations are an active energy and might stimulate growth through reactive 'excitement' when the light strikes a plant.
Many variables exist and would require large scale trials including many types of music played through light onto various types of crop producing plant.

The experiments I propose could enhance plant growth and seed germination here on earth by providing supplementary light of specific colours believed to be the main colour component responsible for photosynthesis.
If successful the process could increase crop production without genetic modification.

For long term use away from a mains power supply the system will be powered a solar/battery renewable energy system, after initial start up costs the experiment will then run with minimal cost.

The use of a solar/battery powered system could also extend daily growing time and potentially increase crop production with artificial light at the beginning and end of the day, this could also be used to supplement light on dull days.
Once again after initial start up costs, running costs would be virtually zero.

I can only conduct limited trials but there are several areas in which experimental procedures could deliver significant results.
Related applications using solar powered LED lighting include poly tunnel crop production, extended daily growing time in northern latitudes, developing countries and in locations where extra light is required to increase food production.
STATUS - experiments beginning


Evidence is available to show that electrical discharge occurs at the time of a large earthquake from plate tectonic movement, this is related to 'The Piezo Effect' where the compression of quartz crystal creates an electrical charge.

Prior to a major quake low level electrical discharge would also be generated from pre-shock plate tectonic activity; this could start days or weeks before a major quake.

The experiments would include technology to monitor for electric field activity around subsurface tectonic plate active zones for pre quake movement.

Automatic monitoring for rising electrical activity and could potentially give warning of increased activity in advance of the real-time reactions of conventional seismometer that show the strength of a quake as it happens.

Although some experimenters are working on this type of early warning technology, there appeared to be no warning of the recent earthquake in Japan.
STATUS - current technology can be adapted for experiment use, awaiting time to begin development.
This technology could help save lives.


(The information below is not medically qualified, it is from my personal research and thoughts)
Individual colours of light, projected from high brightness LEDs on to areas of the body in need of treatment.

Similar technology is currently approved for use and is under test and in by NASA and the US Navy.

"In laboratory conditions skin and muscle cells when exposed to infrared light grow 150 to 200 percent faster than a control group not exposed to the light.

Its healing potential includes decreased recovery time of diabetic skin ulcers, burns, oral sores, 40% improvement in musculoskeletal training injuries, 50% faster healing from lacerations, cuts, bruises, sprains, strains, fractures.

The light from the LEDs appear to increase energy inside cells, leds boost cell energy, accelerate healing, potentially through an increase the efficiency of the blood."
source NASA/Marshall space centre. (

The technology uses high brightness Red and infrared LEDS for varying depth penetration of the body to treat the required injury.

A range of pulsing frequencies were identified by the late French neurologist Paul Nogier, he identified the musical note D as a resonant frequency of body tissues and organs.
His work identified that parts of the body in need of healing were out of frequency and they benefited from the from the close proximity of an energy 'in resonance' he identified projected red light to give most benefit.

My experimental system includes steady light and several variable frequency pulse settings; each is indicated to have varying healing effects.

It is my (un-qualified) belief that the primary effect is from the natural electro-magnetic frequency/wavelength of red and Infrared light which induces an inner resonant vibration within cells of the body.

The secondary effect is from a vibration from the much lower frequency, artificially generated that then induces more specific healing potential.
I believe it is the body its self that is 'encouraged' to heal rather than the light that heals.

All cells within the zone of the light would absorb light as described,
damaged cells (bones, skin, ligaments etc) possibly 'out of a healthy vibration' could potentially absorb in a different way.
It is possible healing light encourages a sympathetic vibration at a cellular level possibly fuelling the body's natural regeneration that occurs during all recovery from physical damage.

This is a none-contact, none-invasive treatment/technology and although still in its infancy it is now taken seriously and has great potential. Now with the official approval of the F.D.A. to conduct further trials and tests recognition is now accepted of an effect from this new technology.

I previously discovered this as a fringe treatment/technology, but now with the approval of the Food and Drug Administration in the USA, it is now just beginning to find its way into the mainstream medicine (just as acupuncture did) and interest will grow.

Potential markets -

Physiotherapy and sports recuperation treatment from existing injuries.

Treatment during sports fixtures to help a sportsperson return to a live event after a minor injury within the event.

It could be trialled as hair loss/rejuvenation treatment as the technology potentially improves the oxygen carrying ability of the blood and general cell rejuvenation, it could be applied directly over the scalp, it would be an alternative for present chemical treatments.

Further applications include 'Field' first aid use, adventure holiday use, long trip sailing, jungle adventures etc
Research could also be conducted into treatment to combat anti-biotic resistant germs - MRSA etc, and possibly help with some blood disorders.
This would require experiments with various colours and modulated frequencies.
This technology would not replace conventional medical treatment but it could supplement it as now seen with the approved use of Acupuncture.
STATUS - prototype system built ready for tests.


Sound therapy and swimming with dolphins.
Children with autism and severe communication difficulties are when treated in this way benefit from the experience.
Is it possible the dolphins sense the 'issues or illness' within the children and then sing to them in a way not yet understood.

It is well documented that sound travels through water easier and faster than through air, it is possible dolphins could emit a sound that heals.
In the close presence of the dolphin the swimmer is entirely surrounded by water which could effect all parts of the body, there are various claims of the healing effect from healthy people swimming with dolphins - relief from depression, relief of chronic pain, a soothing relaxing experience promoting a positive outlook,
There are also reports about children with autism and related conditions show improvement in there condition or become more relaxed from the experience, yet in general they do not know about or understand it is a treatment, but they benefit from it.

I speculate it is the direct contact with the water and from the healing sounds it contains from the dolphin, that the body will readily absorb in this way, it would resonant throughout the body.
Without tests it is difficult to know what frequencies or pattern with in the frequencies could be present, but there is an effect.

From personal experience using my three channel sound generator - The Harmoniser
in a stone enclosed burial chamber, the three low frequency sounds adjusted to create a low frequency 'hum' in the enclosed space, is 'felt' or experienced by the body, the effect is energising, relaxing even healing, it is possible this is similar to swimming with dolphins.

If funding was available I would experiment by projecting mixed low frequency sound, rich in harmonics generated by The Harmoniser on a natural high frequency carrier - light.

I would also build an experimental stone healing chamber with a projected light and sound experience, a system could be created so that frequency settings could be monitored, recorded, repeated, a comparison of individual reported effects would be made and compared from person to person.
Using a land based chamber would allow multiple experiments with various light and sound conditions and a scientific monitoring of events.
Whilst is not possible for many people to swim with dolphins a stone chamber sound and light experience would allow access to a wide range of people.

From personal experience and of those who were with me at the chamber, there is an effect that seems to induce a vibration type feeling within the body.

I believe the above healing therapies are difficult to compare to conventional medicine,
With no physical contact or chemical treatment ingested or applied, I believe the light and sound therapy do not heal, they induce or assist the natural ability of the body.
In comparison to various types of music that can induce memories, send a tingle down the back, help you chill-out, create a feeling of happiness, melancholy or make you tap your toes, sound induces effects the body.

This could be developed into other areas of research -
Frequency generated electronic molecular change technology to help diesel fuel burn more cleanly and efficiently

Further research using light and or sound relate to electronic carbon capture, at the point of emission and as a stand alone device, although theoretical only experiments would determine any potential


Having a slight interest extraterrestrial contact and aliens but as usual needing a different 'angle' I have built and used a system to transmit messages/signals into space using light rather than radio that other organisations use.

My technology contains a focused beam LED transmitter allowing vocal and recorded messages to be transmitted, it also includes an optical receiver, allowing any instant response to my transmission to be heard.
Unlike signals transmitted during the Arecibo radio telescope in 1974 by SETI (Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence) that are estimated to take 25,000 years to reach there destination, the potential of my technology to give a real-time response puts my new technology on an equal validity with the work of SETI and NASA, they are still waiting for a response.

I have used this to transmit massages into space on a couple of occasions most notably when there were no airplanes over Europe as a result of the Icelandic volcano eruption. After this experiment several sighting were reported, I had not published the experiment.

This has been until recently a minor interest but after watching video of speakers at the Global Competitiveness Forum in Riyadh January 2011, where time was allotted
For speakers to talk about alien contact and space.
This has made me realise the business of first contact with an alien species is taken far more seriously than I realised.

Using light beam to transmit a signal will also act as a visual beacon to space travellers close to the earth.
I hope that using new communication technology will show a degree of new intelligence and attract attention of an alien species.

The use of this experimental equipment is not in a belief that aliens exist, it is a new communication experiment and will allow a judgment on any responses and reactions from the technology. The first experimental broadcast in 2009 brought the first unexpected response, following a further unique broadcast in 2010 independent reports were made.

Future transmissions will include a re-broadcast of the 1974 Arecibo binary message, selected music tracks by Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Robbie Williams, live music from the Glastonbury Music Festival, personal recorded and live vocal greetings, recordings of selected animals, and recordings of dolphins.

These are all selected to indicate living life here on earth, intelligence through diversity, specific sounds that can relate to species other than mankind.
All transmitted in light - not radio


I have built an adjustable intensity, multi colour lighting system with an intended use for video and still image capture.
It can provide portable, alternative and experimental lighting for artistic and unusual image capture from selected projected colour lighting.

This is also underdevelopment into an electronic 'paint brush', the light 'wand' becoming part of the operators hand, this is to become a night-time or dark location photographic painting technique.
This involves a background subject to form a canvas and a still camera set on a long exposure the operator has the control of intensity and colour to project light, the unusual aspect of this technique is that the artist/operator cannot see the finished image until the camera exposure has ended.
This technique requires a good background, a planned use of colour and the imagination to paint without brush or canvas.


A battery powered, portable, lightweight lighting designed to work with a 'night-vision' camcorder for nocturnal wildlife observation, bats, owls, urban foxes, field wildlife, aquatic life etc.
The system comprises of an integrated platform and handle, adjustable zoom infrared spotlight, camcorder mount, shoulder strap and tripod mount.
The system can be carried or used from a fixed tripod for longer observations.
Primarily powered by a 12 volt battery the system it can be adapted for mains use.
Potentially a remote control pan and tilt system well be added.
To be used for nocturnal wildlife documentary with the advantage of observing subjects from an increased distance and being very portable.
Also potential use for police/security services as a portable 0 lux illumination, observation and recording system.
Intended use - television/video nocturnal wildlife production and portable night-time visual security.
STATUS - working prototype, will be fully functional spring watch 2011

Short range, object detection for blind people.

I have built a short range infrared reflective object sensor, to be adapted to warn as a discrete pair of glasses, this system will emit an audio tone that will change in relation the distance to a reflective object.
Sound response would through an earpiece.

There are limiting factors -
Less responsive to furnishing and fabrics
Affected by strong light

Further research and development required, alternative technology to be tested.

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