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Transforming a photograph into a painting (with software)

After experiments with computer software I found a processes to convert a
photograph into various styles of 'Painted Art', this I call 'Photo Painting'.

The 'Photograph to simulated Painted Art image' technique can be applied to most images to create an artistic alternative to, and complement conventional photographs, to make an event more memorable.

Several artistic techniques generated by software and myself can be applied to a conventional photograph (or scanned image) to produce an image in an artistic style these include - oil painting, watercolour, pencil, pastel, impasto, airbrush, gothic oil painting and fauvist oil painting.

Conventionally lit photographs can be processed into artistic images through 'Photo Painting'

If you are you holding a special event, I can document the event in conventional photographs and create Photo Paintings from your chosen shots, capturing your unique event - uniquely.

The event could be a Family/group gathering - a wedding, a christening, a birthday, a formal or informal event, a sports event, a party, a special wedding or birthday anniversary, retirement party,

I would photograph the event and then process selected images into Photo Paintings.

Photographs can include family groups, individual portraits, loved ones, group shots, couples, baby, children, pets or places.

I can use natural light, flash, LED soft white light, spectral multi colour LED lighting to suit the location and the event.

'Photo Painting' can be applied to most black & white and colour scanned paper photographs, this can turn a favourite family photograph or wedding photograph into a new 'painted' image.

SPECTRAL LIGHTING - twilight/night-time photo shoots
Spectral lighting is a portable multi colour LED portable lighting system for producing coloured photographs - taken in darkness.
I have designed and built the systems and auxiliary lighting so that in darkness I can generate colours I require.

The LEDs produce a softer light than a conventional harsh flash, the technology allows me to select, mix and blend the colours I feel is suitable for the shot
It also allows shots in several colours which will later decisions about the best shots.

The result is a coloured photograph upon dark background, this focuses the attention to the subject and not the background.
in night-time, darkness or low light, this colour illuminated photo shoot combines to create alternative and artistic portraits and images for personal portfolio, advertising, business - to get noticed.

When photographing using my spectral systems in darkness only the subject is illuminated, I can create strong images with a less cluttered background, the colour lit images take on a magical atmosphere.

My multi colour LED lighting is portable, dexterous, low intensity, designed to create ambient, atmospheric shots, it allows more intimate shots through easier light positioning.
I design and build the lighting I use (except the flash gun) if a shoot needs extra lighting I can build more.
The technology allows me to individually select and control the intensity of each colour.
Colours presently used are red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, white, pink.

The light systems can also be used for video recording.

STILL MOTION - Participation Event - create art with light
Using coloured or white LED lighting, this is a technique for capturing flowing ghostly movement in various colours during the shot in a still image.
Shot in darkness, also using Spectral lighting, you become a moving illuminated subject that becomes a ghostly image.
A person walks, moves, dances, acts, performs martial-art routines in darkness, but lit by my lighting only, the result is trails of light fluid-motion of movement of where you were throughout the shot, you become and create a ghost of your movement
I can use white light, the multi colours of spectral lighting or a flickering lighting effect for diverse finished effects

LIGHT PAINTING Participation Events - create art with light
I have assembled a range of LED lighting equipment designed for handheld movement to create art in light.
LEDS can also be attached to the body to record movement and dance in darkness.
A participation night-time or darkness creative art shoot, I provide a range of LED lighting technology for you to create 'Art with Light', your movement of any of the LED light systems creates unpredictable and unique images.
Night-time Spectral Lighting and Light Painting shoots are participation events, you are part of the creation process and can inject ideas into the shoot.
If you are interested in creative, atmospheric, themed, participation photo-shoot
call me to discuss your event or ideas.

Do you need a new way to attract attention for a fashion promotion or magazine editorial?
Do you want to create or add to a modelling portfolio?
Do you want a portrait with a difference
Are you an actor/dancer/performer/musician waiting to get noticed?
Do you have a product to demonstrate or promote?

Would you benefit from photographs taken with unusual colour and white lighting or your product/image set in a painting - to caused a viewer to look again?

My lighting is small, portable, dexterous, low intensity, designed to create ambient, atmospheric shots, it allows more intimate shots through easier light positioning.
I design and build the lighting I use (except the flash gun) if a shoot needs extra lighting I can build more.

If my techniques for alternative image creation interest you - contact me

If you would like to turn a treasured photograph, or a unique event into a 'Photo Painting' call me.

Photo shoots at events can be booked as a gift or a prize.
Become a model (for a day) with photographs to keep (or create a portfolio)
An indoor/outdoor fashion/style shoot in the comfort of your home or other chosen location.

Photographs and Photo-Paintings can be used to create unique captured memories
making a unique gift.

My preferred method of delivery of finished images is as JPG files, this allows you to use the images for your chosen print medium - paper prints, a photo book, wall art print, canvas print, individual prints, a unique event calendar.
I can create a slideshow DVD from the images.

Shooting locations can be indoors, outdoors (weather permitting), in a studio, at your home, outdoors, at Plas Teg a 400 year old atmospheric Jacobean mansion or at another location of your choice, this can be for pleasure or for a professional/business use.

Scanned individual photographs can be combined into one image, bringing together families over generations, groups that never were or have never met, this can also be converted into a photo painting.

My lighting equipment can also be used with video recording equipment.

If you have a project that need alternative thinking around photography, video production, LED lighting and other 'unusual technology' contact me

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