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A seemingly contradictory statement
that may nonetheless be true.

The Plas Teg Ghost Child - Jack?
I believe it is the most recent picture and real picture of a 'Ghost'. The red lines are caused by a laser pointer I was deliberately using to create an 'artistic photographic doodle' on the distant wall. The misty object on the lower left of the picture was not noticed at the time.
The camera was set on a six second exposure and tripod mounted to capture the laser doodle. There was no one else (living) with me or near me at the time of the photograph. The first image is the original, the second is blue element of the R,G,B, layers that the camera constructs the color image from.
Other than the color separation into the monochrome element of the blue layer the picture has not been altered or manipulated. The blue bias is from the high frequency 'digital lighting' unit I use on paranormal investigations. The cameras flash is turned off during this procedure. My belief is the ghost of a child curious about unusual laser lighting seen in the picture. I estimate the 'Ghost is between one and two meters away from me and about one and a half meters high.


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