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The Tidal Gravity Engine

I am looking for a company interested in developing a new renewable production technology from the sea.

I have developed a new concept to generate energy from the rise and fall of the tide.

As the demand for energy grows, As the price of energy grows, As the need for more clean none polluting renewable energy grows, Everyone in the energy generation business realises there is a market for any new source of renewable energy.

I believe I have identified a new method of generating energy from the sea, it involves gathering energy from the rise and fall of the tide.

Renewable energy from the sea is a vast natural resource we can exploit, if we can find a technology that will not have an environmental impact.

Of the three major sources of renewable solar, wind and the sea, tidal energy is yet to be fully exploited, the tide rises and falls twice a day, potentially yielding vast amounts of energy.
Every nation with a coastline could benefit from an untapped source of energy, but one which engineers have so far yet to design a suitable technology.
Unlike solar and wind power renewable the tide is regular and although there are seasonal and local variations the tide constantly rises and falls.

A brief insight into the new technology I want to build -

The tide constantly rises and falls providing free 'vertical energy movement'.
I perceive a vast un-tapped energy source from this vertical rise and fall which is slow but powerful, very powerful, similar to the power stroke of a piston in an internal combustion engine, providing energy that is free, predictable and constant.

The rise of the tide pushing upward and later as the sea falls and allows gravity to exert a downward pull, this is an energy that can be utilised but it is not directly suited for conventional energy generation, we need a new (unconventional) conversion technology.

My technology would convert this 'slow motion vertical energy' into energy capable of driving conventional electricity generators. My design will recover/extract energy in several ways.

As the time of the tide cycle constantly changes my concept involves several methods of capturing, converting and storing this 'slow motion energy', making it available for use when the tide times fall outside peek domestic requirement and until required at peek times to provide energy throughout the whole tidal cycle.
The technology includes several methods of energy storage.

The system is an integrated energy capture, storage and retrieval system, using several conventional technologies.

If successful the technology could be built into the coast, some distance form the sea out of sight and virtually un-seen.

This is not a wave capture technology or barrage, it is a new energy capture concept, at its core it uses floatation devices for energy capture.

I have deliberately not included any technical details to protect intellectual property rights.

Vast areas of suitable coastline around the UK would be suitable for this technology and unlike to wind turbine technology this technology could be sited inland, close to the sea but enclosed and have minimal visual impact.
It would produce locally (UK) generated energy, reducing the increasing reliance and need to import energy from overseas.
Its export potential is enormous.

This is at present an idea on paper awaiting investment to begin the project.
The project is too big for me as an individual alone to create a test prototype

I am looking for a company that is interested in research into new energy generation technology.
If you have a Research and Development division/department or an associated R & D company please pass on this information.

If your company is committed to advances in renewable energy, reducing the impact on global climate change caused by burning fossil fuels and producing more clean energy from renewable energy, this project when successful will have an impact.

I live in Flintshire in the UK which is an ideal location due to our tidal coast and river Dee to construct and test a prototype.

I would like to try to find a company interested in research, design and innovation
in renewable energy technology or related engineering.
I am seeking funding or a business partnership to allow me to create a prototype of my idea.

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E-mail Paul Rowland for further information.

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