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The Omega and Alpha project -
The End and the Beginning

This is an afterlife experiment in spiritual discovery.

Are you curious about what happens when we die? Can the dead contact us?
Does our spirit survive? Where do we go? Does our consciousness survive?

When a person dies do they, then as a spirit have free will to return?

If prior to passing (death of the physical body) they were shown equipment that could allow them, as a spirit to contact the living, could they?
Can this experiment confirm the existence of an afterlife by communicating with us 'vocally' - through technology?

As a paranormal investigator I build and use technology to try to gather evidence of life beyond death, I have devised this unique project as a new experiment in paranormal investigation. The area of most interest to me (and others) is EVP - (Electronic Voice Phenomena), to hear voices from those in spirit through technology in real-time.

This project is The Omega and Alpha project - a pre arranged attempt to communicate with a person with a terminal illness after they have passed away.

I would like to make contact with a person with a terminal illness who is curious about the afterlife, where they will go?, do they still have conscious thought?, can they freely visit our 'living' world?, can they communicate with us.
This person would need to want to contact me!

I would like to meet and explain how my real-time EVP technology works whilst they are still alive, this is to familiarise a person with my technology and the procedures before their passing.
Experimentally this information would provide a unique opportunity and a greater potential of communication from the other side by taking information with them on there journey into The Spirit World.

The important and unique element of this project is that person will have gained knowledge of my technology and procedures, and is a willing participant in the experiment - to have a positive attitude to make contact.

When the person has passed and after a prearranged time period attempts will be made to contact the person or for the person to contact me through the technology.

This can only be undertaken with the permission and consent family of the participant and discussions prior to the experiment would be held.

I would arrange electronic séances using my range experimental 'real time' EVP (Electronic Voice Technology) - the same equipment that was demonstrated to the person before they died.

I would arrange a password system and hope to conduct this 'on camera' to record results.

These electronic Séances would be regularly held at The Old Kings Head in Chester, this is to provide myself, the procedure and 'the spirit person' to have a fixed point of reference for the experiment.

Using technology will allow cameras and audio equipment to record any potential outcome and I hope to record this as a documentary to record the outcome.

Anyone interested in this project as a participant or television production company please feel free to contact me