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A seemingly contradictory statement
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The Paradox Experience
Working with Mystic Entertainments
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21st Century Paranormal Investigation
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The Paradox Experience offers you an opportunity to be part of experimental paranormal research; many tour organisers can offer the same locations using the same investigation methods.
They cannot offer the unique technology from Paradox Electronics; they cannot offer the new potential it can provide.
If you are going to pay for an organised paranormal event then The Paradox Experience can offer something different.
TPE is more than an entertainment event; the equipment I provide potentially turns it into a groundbreaking experiment. Even if you do not directly use the technology your enthusiastic presence can contribute to the experience.

Do you ask these questions?

Is there more to life than this?,
Do ghosts exist?
Is there an afterlife?
Can it be proved?
Can we communicate with spirits?

'The Paradox Experience' will provide an opportunity to the visiting public to operate unique experimental electronic equipment unavailable to other investigators. You could potentially contribute & add to a growing list of investigation evidence of real 'paranormal activity'.

It has always been part of my plan to involve the general public on investigations,
with the ever increasing interest and the enthusiasm they have, not only can I involve them, but you can play a vital role in gathering evidence. This will increase the potential to gather real hard photographic and video recording.

I believe the technology is the future of scientific investigation and new equipment can be operated and used by the public (under my supervision).

Most other paranormal investigators only have access to standard - 'off the shelf' equipment. All the electronic equipment I use is my own unique design; this is only available through The Paradox Experience.

To bring paranormal investigation up to date new equipment needs to be used,

Typical equipment can include- (depending on location)

Real time EVP equipment, a new concept to try to make direct audio contact with a ghost or spirit. If there is a response everyone present can hear it as it happens!

'Active EMF' Meter, unlike traditional EMF meters that are designed to detect energy from mains cabling and equipment, the new 'AEMF' generates its own field and displays any changes in that field.

'Digital lighting' a new concept in an alternative, multi-colour, multi frequency, portable lighting used to try to photograph or capture on camcorder a ghost?

Infrared 'radar' a portable infrared and UV emitter and detector system.

The 'Sentinel' portable electric field sensor system, used to detect small changes in electrical energy and potentially detect the energy field of a ghost?

Laser 'intensity change detector' a portable, contained light change detector.

Multi laser illumination, to help to see body size objects over long distances.

Infrared emitter/receiver/detector, a handheld personal optical detector.

Laser break-beam alarms, a triggered response of a broken beam over large areas and long corridors.

'White noise' audio and video system.

Video Image & Digital Light - Feedback Amplifier, a new illumination system that could possibly illuminate a ghost before your eyes.

Infrasound detector and low frequency audio amplifier.

On a 'Paradox Experience' event, although I cannot guarantee detection of paranormal activity, because the new technology I provide is specifically designed to detect what I believe are relevant indications of spirit presence, I strongly believe that more people will discover the reality of paranormal activity.

The difference with The Paradox Experience is that if an electronic technology and a human senses something in a paranormal location it provides a greater credibility to the potential of the event being real, and it becomes more real if it is you.

Current television programmes such as the excellent Most Haunted have helped to generate a greater interest in paranormal subjects amongst the public, but generally do not allow public participation or use relevant technology.
Most Haunted inspired me to build new technology, equipment I wanted to see used on investigations but was not used on the programme and still is not used by them.
Technology used on The Paradox Experience is not available to Most Haunted

The Paradox Experience is a natural progression from current television programmes where rather than sitting and watching an investigation programme from the comfort of an armchair; the visitors present can take an active role and get closer than ever to the 'action'.
I have built many types of sensors and lighting systems but I am most intrigued by EVP (electronic voice phenomena). The recent reactions on live EVP equipment has become very interesting all I can say is to witness reaction for your self is very exciting.

Usually trying to record EVP's involves listening to hours of recording for perhaps a brief illusive sound, but I prefer equipment that if something happens, it can be witnessed as it happens, and all those present can potentially allow communication with the ghost/spirit.

I especially like to work along side traditional methods of spirit communication and I am especially interested in working with Mediums, where I believe electronic equipment can provide conformation, of indicated spirit activity.

By increasing the amount of equipment in use, I have increased opportunities of recording new 'events of a paranormal nature', of these the potential of live EVP is the most interesting.
I have spent a lot of time developing new electronic technology and now working along with North West Spirit Seekers (Haunted Ghost Tours) and the public who attend events, I hope will reveal something exciting and new.

Why? Because I have seen a ghost and I would like to again, but this time record it.
I think I have the technology to do this.
NASA and SETI look for signs of life in outer space, I/we look for signs of afterlife around us, who will be first with a result ?.


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