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Weird 09 - Warminster 29 & 30 August 2009

On August 29th 2009 at Warminster (UK) I conducted what I now refer to as the Phase 1 test of a prototype 'Extraterrestrial/UFO', optical communication transceiver, with a successful outcome.

Approximately 1 & ½ hours after the equipment was dismantled and stored, two independent sightings of objects in the sky were reported in the sky, in the direction of the transmitted optical signal.
I was not present at that time and my whereabouts can be verified as not operating the transceiver.
I only learned of the above sighting weeks after the conference.

Could the sighting be an extraterrestrial craft investigating a new signal from planet earth?

It was later reported by Robert Moore pertaining to the Weird 09 Sky Watch that the technology I used contained a laser and was designed to hoax a UFO sighting, wrong on both counts.

For the record, it uses high brightness, focused LEDs, it is new and experimental.

The system does not contain a laser because it is dangerous to transmit laser light into the sky where it might damage the eyes if a pilot.
It can operate in several modes - voice/audio modulation of the light, vocal/audio on a square and sine carrier wave with variable frequency control.
The equipment is bi-directional it can transmit and receive communication/signals/data in real time.
The equipment is designed as a real experiment to attract and communicate potentially with an alien species.
I consider an attempt at pro-active communication in a new technology - light is more valid than standing around on a hillside 'watching the sky 'or listening for radio signals through expensive radio telescopes as neither has so far delivered results.

My original report -

Sky watch report by Robert Moore -

From the Sky watch report I find it a little difficult to believe that the UFO research group or conference organizer did not bother to ask me to explain the technology or how it worked during the Sky watch event or afterwards when creating the report.
In fact I find it very unprofessional that in a detailed report with many photographs and diagrams such errors were reported which led to a very inaccurate report. If it is worth the time and effort to write a report please get the facts straight or you give the impression you write for the tabloid press.

The report completely missed the point of the potential of new communication technology that was in use, equipment I believe not used by anyone else.
When I emailed SETI about the technology, they did not know of the existence of anything like it.
During the sky watch event I sent considerable time explaining the equipment in use to interested visitors at the event, I don't believe anyone from Weird 09 bothered to ask me for details ?- oops.

For the past years I have spent time developing technology for paranormal investigation and most recently spend much time working with the public - nothing to hide - no tricks.

It is no wonder UFO groups get a bad press, now I know why, inaccurate reporting.
I don't take offence, I am very grateful for the inclusion in the report and for the report of the sighting it has inspired me to continue development and expansion of the project.
The next phase of research and development are currently on going as a result of the report.
I am very grateful for the reported independent (and impartial) sightings, especially as the equipment was not in use and I was in the company of friends at the time.

I consider my work as experimental research and development and I will explain all to all you only have to ask.

End of rant.

Phase 1
On the night of the Sky watch-
A signal was transmitted in light through an array of focused white LEDs consisting of a continues high frequency modulated signal and also a short spoken audio message, this test lasted for approximately 1 & ½ hours in total. The transceiver equipment was then dismantled and stored, I then retired for the evening.
Several weeks later informed in an email I was thought to be responsible for creating a UFO sighting reported by two independent groups, it stated the equipment contained a laser (it does not) and the sighting was at 23-30 hours, at a time I was in a public house with a group of friends, the compare of the conference and Nick Pope, the ex British government 'X File' investigator.
What ever was sighted in the clear sky was seen long after the transmission had ceased, in fact it was reported almost the same amount of time after the system was switched off for the same length of time for as long as it was switched on for.

Before I repeat the above experiment I need to secure recording equipment or a Television production company suitable for recording a television broadcast - nothing to hide, and the assistance of a team of equipment operators.

Phase 2
A new linked triple transmission system consisting of three linked optical transmitters spaced some distance apart and controlled from one main unit.
The three focused beams are directed at the same co-ordinates on the atmosphere from a triangle based transmission on earth..
The three light beams would be co-ordinated to converge on single point on the atmosphere where it will concentrate the light signal.

The experiment would consist of transmission of the same modulated signal and vocal/audio message.
Further test transmissions could consist of selected universal data/symbols/formulas.

During tests transmissions using audio frequencies the receiver could convert any return signal in light, back into an audio response.

Phase 3
Using the triple transmitter, the next test would be to transmit a 'live video signal' in the light, this can be from cctv, camcorder or pre-recorded message. If the technology works successfully the system will also have a capability to receive and show any response on a portable video screen.

Phase 4
Further experiments are plannedI, hope to bring together several people who were present at the Weird 09 Event to conduct further tests.......

E-mail Paul Rowland for further information.
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