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A seemingly contradictory statement
that may nonetheless be true.

Science meets Spirit my work with


At the Imperial Hotel and Plas Teg, the latest and most advanced Spirit Communication Devices are on test, this is an experiment of science meeting spirit.

Can the electronic system provide substantiating evidence of the existence of the spirit world?

Bookings are essential especially if you would like to be present during potentially a world exclusive event using the most advanced electronic paranormal detection equipment.

UK Paranormal organise and host the event, there are no tricks or stunts during the investigation everything that happens is for real.

Unlike some investigators I enjoy working with Mediums, Sheena Young leader of UK Paranormal has a great enthusiasm to gain a greater understanding of her gift of Mediumship and this combined with her willingness to with me, so that I might create technology not to explain away paranormal activity, but rather to assist the spirit world to show there presence and possibly allow direct communication.

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