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A seemingly contradictory statement
that may nonetheless be true.

This is an update on various technologies and projects I am working on

Everything I create is experimental


Scole EVP based device
A type of short range radio receiver using pyrite or quartz crystal, receiver coil and tuning capacitor.
This based on a circuit published by the Scole experiment, a five year spirit communication project.

The use of a webcam and notebook computer with movement detection - activated recording software, to be used with a digital lighting system.
This system can be left 'locked off' in a location for independent evidence recording.

PX 10
The PX 10 (my multi function 'EMF' detector with 10 LED display and audio amplifier) is now fitted with two selectable sensor coils,
1 - metal core coil -for magnetically weighted energy
2 - none core coil - for electrical weighted energy.

EVP Experiments
Dependant on location I use several EVP technologies in close proximity deliberately allowing each to hear the audio from others. I invoke a personal, respective, none offensive approach to attract communication from spirits from the other side.
I also include 'mediumistic' people where available but I primarily relay on reactions from technology as a result.

Stereo digital lighting
A multi colour, red, green, blue, ultraviolet, infrared LED lighting system, controlled by audio frequency to generate modulated, vibrated light.
Each colour is individually selectable to combine vibrations of light at the fundamental colour frequency of each colour.
It features independent sound frequency controls to generate harmonic or disharmonic vibrations in light at frequencies adjusted by listening to the light through a light to sound audio amplifier.
This system can be used with still photography, camcorder recording and personal observation.

Video feedback projector/recorder
A live and recorded video image feedback system.
It uses a LED video projector and camcorder combined into on optical feedback loop,
I use this system with a digital lighting unit.
It provides a live image intensifier - projected display.


Hall effect magnetic field sensor
A coil-less, electronic, magnetic energy detector.
It features adjustable sensitivity control, LED north/south pole indicator and audio amplifier to hear low frequency magnetic frequency.
It will be used to test the 'Stone tape theory' and on paranormal investigations at ancient sites (see below) to test for magnetic polarity of standing stones and at burial chambers and for and magnetic pulsing.

The paradox lighting device
A system that combines my Harmoniser - a adjustable 3 channel sound generator, the 'Lost Chord' combined notes and the individual 'Lost Solfeggio' tones.
All the notes/frequencies are mixable the output will drive any LED light colour, electromagnetic fields and audio output.

SOL/NOG healing device
An Infrared 'healing' technology using frequencies indicated by Dr Paul Noiger and in this version I have included the spiritual 'Lost Solfeggio' frequencies.
It is a none contact infrared emitter, the infrared light is vibrated by selected audio frequencies.
Infrared light is used conventionally to heat a damaged body areas to help healing. My system adds vibrations in the light, it is possible this will enhance the ability of the body to heal its self by tuning harmonically to the vibrating light. Infrared light can penetrate approximately 4 to 6 cm into the body

This dual channel Sentinel unit is now equipped with audio output to hear any detected energy from any of the various sensor attached. This unit also has a low resolution LED oscilloscope.

The Key
I am finally finishing this system that generates Chakra related audio frequencies.
These frequencies drive individual coloured LEDs associated with the frequency and audio output.
The light is projected through a Quartz crystal point to focus the light energy and can be directed the required Chakra point.
I believe this will help energise or balance a Chakra point by harmonising with the generated sound and light.

Future project
Investigation of ancient sacred sites, stone circles, standing stones, burial chambers, ley lines, crop circle sites out of season
Do these locations emit detectable energy?
Are they energised by people visiting?
Did ancient man know how to energise megalithic stones?
Did they spiritually benefit from this?
I would several of my technologies to monitor for emitted electrical, magnetic or vibration energy.

Modified K II
Also in use on investigations is a modified K II EMF meter, this is now fitted with a socket to connect it to an audio amplifier to allow the user to hear electro-magnetic energy (if within our hearing range), the audio amplifier has an auxiliary socket to allow connection to an audio recorder.
This is owned by fellow investigator Steve Russell.

Note - the Sol/Nog device and The Key are not medical treatment, they are complementary energy therapy, designed to help the body retune or heal itself.

Contact me if any of the above projects are of interest to or for technology sales

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