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Weird 09 - Warminster 29 & 30 August 2009

UFO Landing site?
Weird 09 Sky watch report Saturday night 29-8-09
The 'Quantum UFO' system can superimpose a voice or audio signal onto a beam of light in three ways -

1 Amplitude modulation of light,
2 Amplitude modulation on a sine wave of light,
3 Combined modulation on a square wave of light.
The light is transmitted from 8 LEDs and focused through a lens.

I arrived early at Cradle hill to ensure parking, I noticed the potential of an interesting sunset photograph from a nearby hill, I took photos.

I set up the Quantum 'UFO communication system' near the back of my car, it was aligned over the restricted military area.
As more people arrived some showed interest in the unusual technology and I explained about it to several groups of people.
I have built a small optical microphone and audio amplifier to test the system is functioning correctly and demonstrate it in use.

After I had explained to one lady about the real potential of transmitting a message in spoken words via light, to any passing or stationary 'Extra Terrestrial' space craft, she spent several minutes with her back to me sending out a message, I have no idea what she said or she is still on planet earth.

One unusual thing happened, as I was talking about various technologies to an interested couple, I began to hear my voice back from the receiver built within the system, this only lasted for about 10 seconds.
There is the potential that this was a real incident, the only way to hear that type of response is if the optical signal was reflected back from the transmitter into the receiver via a reflected surface. Or was my voice was received and re-transmitted from another optical transmitter somewhere else?

This was the first time it was in 'serious' use and it could have been a fault in the system or not, but it only happened once and the rest of the time passed uneventful.

Up until hearing about the Weird 09 conference from friend Gill Henry earlier this year I had only a passing interest UFO's and I would not have thought about a new communication technology and I would not have built the equipment, but the conference did inspire me to adapt optical technology I had built for experiments in live EVP (electronic voice phenomena) experiments during paranormal investigations, is thee a link?

Now, as I have had time to think about my voice reflecting back into the receiver, I have started to think I little more about the event, did something unusual really happen?
Perhaps I should plan a return visit to Cradle Hill soon?
In difference to events to lead to the UFO phenomena at Warminster in the 60's this equipment offers a recordable communication potential.
On the next use I intend to transmit a universal mathematical code in the light beam, a signal that does not occur naturally but can only come from an intelligence.
Is there anyone out there who can respond?
Further experiments will hopefully bring answers.

I have built the system as an experimental approach to communication, an alternative to radio telescope approach of SETI and others, I am very interested in any comments.
I would like to thank the organizers of the Weird 09 conference and all the speakers, and especially for the opportunity to meet and discuss a potential joint project with Brian Allen at Roslyn Chapel.

Tests at Plas Teg
Quantum UFO system set-up at Cradle hill
The Weird 09 gang


Since first writing the above, a report was produced by the organizers of the Sky watch with several inaccuracies. I do not take this as deliberate or malicious in fact it has brought something interesting forward about the event and the area.

It was inaccurately reported that the equipment I used contained a laser - it did not,
it could be used to create a UFO hoax - this was not the intension it is an experimental audio optical communication system, something I believe NASA and SETI do not use.

The Weird 09 Skywatch report can be found at - - Read the sighting report from Cradle Hill here.

Interestingly it was reported that at 23-45 an 'object' was seen in the area where I had aimed the audio/light communicator projector, I believe to be military land.
At 23-45 I had been in the Bell public house Warminster with friends and Nick Pope for some time. This can be verified.

If there was a real sighting it opens an opportunity for further investigation.
The machine transmits a focused beam of modulated light with an audio signal 'implanted' on it, similar to a radio transmission, but in light.
The experiment I conducted was only the second real use of the system and there are several important facts missing from the report.

The transmission lasted approximately 1 & ½ hours (continuously).
One person used the system to transmit an audio message - I do not know what was said, I am tiring to locate the person.

The modulated transmission is designed for two purposes
1 A beacon signal to attract attention of anyone watching for a signal in light.
2 A carrier wave to carry an audio signal as far as the light travels - infinity?

Did the beacon signal attract the attention of an orbiting craft?
Did they recognize a new communication from earth?
Was the voice(s) heard and understood by someone/something in our atmosphere?
If the transmission had continued what would have been the result?

Even if the sighting of that night cannot be confirmed, the experiments will continue with what I believe is a new and unique technology.

These questions can only be answered if the reported sighting can be confirmed then further research could be conducted at cradle hill and other places, under stricter monitoring conditions.
If there was a genuine sighting this could attract the attention of SETI who I believe are still waiting for a result.

Unlike other UFO reports, incidents and sightings this experiment is repeatable.

I am a little saddened that no-one from Weird asked me about the equipment that night or since, for such a detailed report by seasoned sky watchers they missed a bit, possibly the use of equipment more advanced that used by SETI.
I have found the one person who did use the equipment to broadcast a message, if she agrees part of that can be made available.

And finally to clarify, up to the time of above incident I had only a passing interest in UFOs, I was only inspired to build the equipment after a friend had alerted me to the Weird 09 conference.

I am not a seasoned UFO investigator, my favored field is ghosts/spiritual paranormal investigation, I like to find a subject that is in need of new technology and design something new to investigate with.

I look forward to next years conference

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